Marcos Llorente in the interview with Atlético

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After knowing that Zinedine Zidane I was not going to count on him for the 2019/2020 season, Marcos Llorente has left the Real Madrid to become a new player of the Atlético de Madrid. The Spanish midfielder will initiate a new challenge in his career and, before that, his uncle and agent Julio Llorente has gone through the microphones of The Transistor to take stock of what the signing means.

In the first place, Julio Llorente has revealed that talks with Atlético go back two months ago after hearing about Zidane's decision: “When Zidane notifies Marcos that he does not have him, we started talking with several teams and the offer that The Atelti is convincing, the talks started two months ago. “

He also thanked the French coach for being clear and direct with his nephew to inform him that the best thing was to change teams in the absence of minutes at Real Madrid: “Zidane was very clear with Marcos, he told him he would not have many minutes in the game. team, something that is appreciated. “

Marcos Llorente in the interview with Atlético

On the other hand, he made it clear that there had been no contact between the player and Diego Pablo Simeone, his new coach, because he has found himself outside the operation at all times: “Marcos has not spoken with Simeone, Marcos has stayed out of the negotiation.”

The interest of Liverpool

He has also stated that a team from the Premier As the Liverpool He was interested in getting his services, which has also been worthy of thanks: “Liverpool has been a team that has always shown interest in Marcos, it is to be thankful and it is very meritorious that after almost two years they are playing in Madrid, Marcos still has offers. “

Grateful to Madrid

Finally, he said that Marcos Llorente has left without grudges from Real Madrid, because he feels very fortunate to have lived a stage of white and now thinks about everything that is to come: “Marcos has not hurt Real Madrid, He is very grateful, he goes with the illusion of triumphing and of tracing his career “.

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