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After your arrival in the summer of 2013, Gareth Bale will say goodbye to Real Madrid definitely. After being linked with clubs of the Premier League, the PSG or even the Bayern Munich, the future of the player points to China. The Jiangsu Suning It seems to be his destination club and it is that even a relative of the extreme takes his arrival to Chinese football for granted.

In statements for Mirror, although without revealing who is the person of the family circle of the player who speaks, this relative has assured that Bale is leaving to China, but that he will do it alone, since his wife and three will stay in the villa that has the marriage in Welsh, valued at almost 5 million euros.

This is a great sacrifice, but all for a good reason: the spectacular salary you will have in the Asian giant. “It is a great decision. He is 30 years old and must take advantage of it. It is the sacrifice they must pay to earn a million a week,” he said.

Bale's intention

The still Real Madrid footballer will not teach Mandarin. This family member also remembers for the British media that even the Bale family did not intend to learn Spanish: “The family did not learn Spanish, so I don't see Gareth teaching short-term Mandarin.”

Gareth Bale on the Real Madrid bench


As an anecdote, he reveals that he doesn't even like the typical food of the country: “The He is not really a fan of Chinese food, nor when he is at home. “Neither gastronomy nor language nor family. But a lot of money. A million a week that is an important injection to even decide to hang the boots to a Very early age. The soap opera will be resolved shortly, after knowing that Zidane He doesn't count on him.

(More information: Bale closes an agreement with Jiangsu Suning to go to play in China)



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