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Cristiano Ronaldo He has been one of the protagonists of the day. The footballer has been awarded the BRAND Legend. A return to Madrid expected, although he himself has confessed that he has returned to the Spanish capital several times after leaving the Santiago Bernabeu to start a new adventure in the Turin Juventus.

The soccer player has shown a funny, familiar and unimpressed face when talking with love, a lot, about Real Madrid. “I come to Madrid a lot. It is a city that marked me a lot. Not only at soccer level, but also at personal level. I have gyms, the clinic, we are finishing the hotel … And also Real Madrid. A club that has marked me, I was there for nine years, “the Portuguese began.

Then he recalled his departure from the white club: “It is not easy to leave Real Madrid and the way I did it. It is not easy to start in a new country, a new league, a new team … I won two trophies with the team and one with the national team. It was a top year. “After this, a 'dreaded' moment arrived.”The children ask questions … what my mother, “said the footballer as the children entered to ask him several questions.

Cristiano, surrounded by children during the delivery of the BRAND Legend


One by one, the children were throwing their questions. Each little boy had one of the shirts that Ronaldo has worn throughout his career. The first one was if I believed since I was little that I would become the best in history: “I never thought about it. With 11 years I left my parents in Madeira to play in Sporting. It was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I never imagined being the best. My dream was to be a football professional. I was so young thinking about that, not the Golden Ball. Then with 18 or 19 I started thinking about it. “

Later, a boy in the Manchester United shirt asked him if he missed the English team or Real Madrid: “I miss both of you – Manchester and Madrid. But due to life circumstances, I miss Madrid more. I was more years, my children grew up, I met my girl – laughter and applause – “.

“All tournaments are important, but possibly the Eurocup with Portugal was the most important. It is special, it is not the same as winning with Real Madrid, Manchester or Sporting, because it is winning with your country, where you are born, where your family is. that Eurocopa is surely the most special trophy, “he said, he referred to the most important trophy he has won during his career.

Then he touched a boy dressed in the Real Madrid shirt, which began by saying he was very sorry he left the white club, to which Cristiano Ronaldo replied with a “me too”. Before picking up the trophy, the player talked about whether he thinks Juve will win the Champions League next season: “I do not know. We will try, as always. We know it is a very, very difficult competition. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​which was reinforced very well, Atlético, City … But hopefully it is Juve. Everyone wants to win it. “

Cristiano signs the shirt of Real Madrid to a child in the delivery of the BRAND Legend

Cristiano signs the shirt of Real Madrid to a child in the delivery of the BRAND Legend


Message after receiving the award

“Thanks to Jorge, my girl, to my club and also to the one who was my president -Florentino Pérez- for coming and also to Emilio. Thank you for this trophy, which will go directly to my museum. Returning to Madrid is very special. It's a of the most beautiful cities in the world. I travel a lot, but I don't see many more beautiful cities. I have a lot, a lot of love. First Portugal, as a country, then Madrid. I've spent many years here. This trophy is Spanish and that's why I feel honored, thanks to all who have helped me get here, to the people of Madeira, to Sporting, to Manchester, to Real Madrid and to Juventus, I hope to return soon to Madrid because it is a city that I love. “.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Pérez, in the delivery of the BRAND Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Pérez, in the delivery of the BRAND Legend


It was after this when Florentino Pérez took the stage to merge into an affectionate hug with the player. Complicit smiles and much love between the president and Cristiano Ronaldo. Given that image, some assistant – clearly Madrid – asked for his return to the white house.

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