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Dani Ceballos, who was crowned champion of European sub-21 this Sunday with the Spanish team after beating Germany in the final, said he is still unclear about his future, but acknowledged that his priority is to play with continuity.

“The truth is that my future is not clear to me, I wish I knew, I am enjoying this tournament now and I will not enter if I stay (at Real Madrid) or if I leave, I have two weeks to spend with my family. and do the best for me, “said Ceballos in the mixed area of ​​the Dacia Arena in Udine, where Spain He defeated Germany 2-1 in the final of the European Under-21.

“The priority is to play, it has been seen in these two weeks the smile that I have from ear to ear, it is what makes me happiest,” he continued.

Ceballos explained that he arrived at the European Championship with “a tremendous desire to compete” and to feel important.

“I came with a tremendous desire to play football, to feel important, this is the football that I have inside, that nobody is going to change me, since I am a little dream I make people enjoy”, he assured.

“This victory makes me the happiest man on earth, it is a moment that will remain forever in our career,” he continued.

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