James Rodríguez and his wife, Daniela Ospina. Photo (@ jamesrodriguez10)

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The future of James Rodriguez It remains an unknown. The only thing that seems clear to date is that the Colombian will not play in the Real Madrid the next season. Zidane and he does not maintain good relationship and this option was discarded by both parties from the first moment. However, it is still unknown where the Colombian will militarise during the 2019/2020 season.

The Naples of Ancelotti it has been the club that has been closer to undertake his signing. In fact, Italy is the clearest option for James. The Italian coach wants to have the midfielder for his novel project in Serie A. An option that the Colombian values ​​positively, although it is not his priority.

In the last weeks the Atlético de Madrid He would have entered the scene and James would have paralyzed his transfer to Naples. An option that increasingly takes more strength. And it is that his ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, has revealed the player's intentions during his usual collaboration in the program The Vbar of Radio Caracol.

“I think he would prefer, speaking of comfort, to be there (in Madrid.) Obviously he has a house, he has a built life, so if it's comfort, he would go to Madrid,” said James's partner about the future of the player.

James Rodríguez and his wife, Daniela Ospina. Photo (@ jamesrodriguez10)

She also revealed that she is already working to see where James will play next season: “The truth is that I sent Salo -the daughter of both- to him, so that he can define where we are going to travel next. can communicate us to see where we look for school or what we do … “.

The 'exit operation', a priority in Madrid

On July 8 Real Madrid starts the preseason and this will be a key date for James, since his future should begin to be defined as soon as possible. The Colombian will not travel to the United States and Canada tours with Zidane, so both parties must certify some operation in the coming weeks.

With the departure of James, Real Madrid will be able to continue managing his particular 'exit operation'. A task that will be key in the future of the entity to certify new signings that reinforce the Zidane staff for the next season.

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