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Luka Jovic is convinced that it reaches the Real Madrid to succeed. The Serbian is one of the signings of the white club for next season and wanted to make himself known a little more for the Real Madrid fan through a letter published in The Players Tribune. In it, Jovic tells details of his life, including his hardest chapters.

Jovic demonstrates all the confidence he has in himself and his talent face to face: “Sometimes I think I was just born with it, everybody has certain talents, and I think mine is scoring goals. of forward, but all I can remember is that I've always been obsessed with scoring, “he explains. He does not hide what his idol was as a child and the way in which he analyzed him as a child. Ronaldo Nazario would mark his career: “Since I was little I looked at the goals of the original Ronaldo in tapes that I had of the World Cups, and then I imitated him in my house”, he says.

The illness of his sister

Jovic opens up to fans talking about the hardest episode he has ever experienced in his life: his sister's serious illness: “I have not talked much about this, but when I was 9 or 10 years old my sister was diagnosed with leukemia and That marked the life of our family, she had to be in and out of the hospital for a long time and my mother always accompanied her, so she was forced to leave her job, “the Serbian explains. “We were divided, my mother took care of her in the hospital and my father and my grandfather took me to Belgrade to train with the Red Star, it was very hard,” she says.

Luka Jovic points the shield during the presentation


His arrival in Madrid

Now life smiles at him and in just a few years he has gone from dreaming about Red Star to sign for Real Madrid: “Things have happened to me very fast, a few years ago, I was only dreaming of playing for Red Star, playing in a semifinal of the Europa League, playing in a World Cup and reaching Real Madrid is incredible But I think the most important thing for a striker is confidence, I have never doubted my courage, I feel that I have a quality with which I was born, and I will never hesitate, “he stresses. “I come from a town of 105 houses and now look at everything I have achieved and everything that is to come,” he concludes.

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