Gareth Bale throwing a penalty against Arsenal

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Gareth Bale It has become one of the proper names of the transfer market after Zinedine Zidane I have opened the exit door. It has been talked about China, of the Premier League, of the Bayern Munich and even of Paris Saint-Germain. Among the options in the English league has been speculated with the possible interest of Liverpool.

From the set of Anfield They throw balls out. The person in charge of denying a possible signing of Bale by Liverpool has been the coach of the reds. Jürgen Klopp has spoken in Sky sports about the topic. “Bale belongs to Real Madrid. If he leaves that team, he is a player too expensive for Liverpool, “said the German coach.

Afterwards Klopp has not hidden that Gareth Bale is “a great player” and that he “likes it a lot”. “PEro is not about him. You have to create a team and a team is not a collection of individuals, they must work together, “said the coach of the reds. Liverpool comes from winning the Champions League last season and want to follow the same line in their project to continue adding successes.

Gareth Bale throwing a penalty against Arsenal


Discard Coutinho

In statements for ESPNJürgen Klopp has spoken about another player who has been placed in the orbit of the team Merseyside. This is none other than Coutinho, who has not just fit into Barcelona and has already shown his best level in Livepool. “In general, he is a player who would help anyone, but it is not about that. I think he is a fantastic football player but he would be a very large amount of money and it is not the year for that,” said the coach on the option of Sign to the Brazilian extreme.

(More information – Bale's agent: “Gareth will only come out if it suits us, never given in, if he won't follow three years”)



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