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The news of Real Madrid continues monopolized, almost in its entirety, by the 'exit operation'. In the absence of new signings, the efforts of the white club are focusing on preparing the new season from Montreal and speed up the sale of players from Chamartín. Two fundamental tasks to get ahead of work and to focus on the negotiations to sign one or two midfielders this summer.

Within the short list of players with which Real Madrid can make cash this summer is Mariano Díaz. The Hispanic-Dominican is one of the great bets of the white club to finance the new project and obtain a good economic return with his departure. The striker still keeps a big sign in Europe despite having spent a season almost blank; his exalted year in Olympique Lyon, with 21 goals and 6 assists in 48 games played. Figures that place him in the agenda of great teams of the old continent.

Mariano Díaz with Real Madrid. Photo: Twitter (@ marianodiaz7)

Mariano's problem at Real Madrid is the confidence that Zidane He has in his figure. The French coach does not have the attacker and the club tries to find a way out this summer. The difficulty of the operation is in the will of the player himself, who is reluctant to leave the team and is determined to continue the next season playing in Concha Espina.

Despite this, Real Madrid is still trying to get Mariano to leave the club this year. After the Valencia have signed to Maxi Gómez and fall out of the equation, and Rome Y Arsenal do not finish taking a step forward by the attacker, Milan has been the team that has shown the most interest in the Spanish-Dominican, although in recent weeks the Italian interest has been reduced.

Mariano, the Milan alternative to Lukaku

Mariano is not the only option that the Rossoneros have in their schedule to shore up their team's offensive plot this summer. And at this point, the Manchester United He has a lot to say about his departure from Real Madrid. The English have in their staff a Romelu Lukaku, the star target of the Milan sports management for this summer. The Belgian is in the crosshairs of the Italian squad, but those of Old Trafford They are putting a lot of obstacles in order for the operation to take shape.

Given this situation, Mariano would be the 'plan B' of Milan for his front. The Real Madrid striker and Lukaku combine very similar technical and physical conditions. Both are two rams of great corpulence, fast, with ability to play back to goal and good command of the auction. Some similarities that

Lukaku celebrates a goal in the Champions League

Lukaku celebrates a goal in the Champions League


To launch definitively for Mariano, Milan would greatly benefit the 'exit operation' of Real Madrid. The price of the Hispanic-dominated is 30 million euros, as reported THE BERNABÉU. An amount with which the white club could cash in order to face new operations in the market.

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