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Neymar It is emerging as one of the leading players in the transfer markets of the last decade. The Brazilian striker has been in the eye of the hurricane for several months due to the uncertainty that his future in the PSG. In fact, to this day it is still unknown if the next season will be military at the orders of Tomas Tuchel in Paris.

The ex-Santos is clear that he does not want to continue in the Ligue 1. Neymar would not be at all satisfied with his sports and personal situation in the ranks of PSG. A dynamic that would have caused him and his father, as a representative, have spent the last months trying to get out and sign for another team.

The situation is very complicated, since the Brazilian is the flag of the Qatar project in Paris. Neymar signed for the PSG in 2017 for 222 million, establishing itself as one of the great institutional achievements of Al-Khelaifi in the presidency of the French club. Something that further complicates his departure from the Parc des Princes.

Neymar approaches Barça

In recent months, although Madrid was always on the lookout, the Barcelona it has been the club that has most approached Neymar. The striker would be willing to return to Barcelona to play again next to Leo Messi Y Luis Suárez in the front azulgrana.

Meeting of FC Barcelona players with Neymar and Alves after their departure from the team Foto: Instagram (@neymarjr)

As if that were not enough, the president of Barça, Josep María Bartomeu, has publicly acknowledged at a press conference Neymar's interest in playing for Barça. Institutional declarations, with an important sporting weight, that have not done more than confirm what other voices of smaller entity took months pointing.

Despite all this, the PSG prefers that Neymar plays in Real Madrid than in Barcelona. The Gauls maintain a very bad relationship with the Catalan team. All this comes as a result of the culé attempt to seduce Verratti. A trick that the emir of Qatar did not like at all and that led to the signing of Neymar by PSG in the summer of 2017. A blow on the table in response to the attempt to sign the French club franchise player at that time.

The PSG prefers that Neymar seen in white

In view of this situation, PSG has offered Neymar Real Madrid. The Parisians are clear that they want to get rid of the Brazilian this summer, especially as a result of the extra-sports problems of the Brazilian, and consider the white club a more positive option. A proposition to which the merengue set does not respond. Florentino Pérez he does not want to move the tab yet and his priorities are currently going in other ways, at least for the moment.

Contrary to what happens with Barcelona, ​​relations between Madrid and PSG are good. Florentino Pérez has already publicly stated in his interview on Onda Cero that he always tries to maintain a correct deal with the biggest clubs in Europe. The whites have never wanted to star in an operation behind the French club, which has led to the offer.

Neymar celebrates a goal with PSG

Neymar celebrates a goal with PSG


In spite of everything, the proposal by Neymar would arrive late to Chamartín, since now the whites have chosen to stay out of the situation. The main objective of Real Madrid is to undertake the signing of Mbappé for the future, something that is never lost sight of in Concha Espina. The arrival of the Gaul could be certified in the summer of 2020 and the whites prefer to wait for the moment in the 'Operation Neymar'.

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