Simeone, at a press conference with Atlético de Madrid

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Simeone has appeared before the media before the match he will face, at dawn this Friday to Saturday, to Real Madrid Y Athletic. The Argentine coach has talked about the possible signing of James Rodriguez and the state of Joao Felix, in addition to other proper names such as Diego Costa Y Hector Herrera. What he did not want to enter is to value the Belgian signing Eden Hazard by his last rival in the International Champions Cup.

James Rodríguez signing

“As we always handle an idea and a path talking about options and needs of the team and the club works accordingly. Talking about a player is not fair and we talk about those who are training and competing.”


“Everything we talk to Andrea, Miguel and Enrique is being fulfilled. We are creating a good atmosphere, we want to rearm a group, a good communion is seen between them, with the expulsion of the other day the commitment and responsibility appeared in the face of adversity. The other day we started to compete, to be responsible through the effort and that will make us grow and follow the same path of more than five or six years ago. “

Ancelotti's words about James

“I respect him, he knows him well because he had him at his command. He chose to comment but I talk about those who are”

It does not compare with Madrid

“I do not look at each other, we want to continue growing and overcome ourselves. In the League we had two very good years, in Champions, regular, last year was better than the last and hopefully this new year have more balance”

Simeone, at a press conference with Atlético de Madrid


How is Joao Felix?

“He is a little hurt by the blow, I hope he can have a few minutes or play from the beginning. It is an annoying blow and we need him to be well. He will play for a while or start from the beginning as we see it in training”

Hazard signing

“It's a question for Zidane, we talk about those in Atlético.”

Diego Costa

“Diego did not change a comma everything I feel and think about him. It will be a great season for him and his teammates.”

Hector Herrera

“He has experience, traveled mainly by his function in the field. He can contribute presence in both areas. He has come with illusion, he feels, he perceives, the group has him as a companion more. The field will mark the places”

(More information – Joao Félix and his admiration for Hazard: “He is an idol, against whom I am most excited to measure myself”)



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