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The 'exit operation' has become one of the main ones to be undertaken by Real Madrid in the remainder of the summer. Whites need to lighten weight and free Zidane's staff from the overbooking that lives in all team positions. A task that begins to require agility, since the next day July 8 begins the preseason merengue and the future must be on track.

Zidane has dedicated the last months to plan what will be his new staff for the 2019/2020 season. The French coach landed on the bench of Real Madrid in March, at which point he began to shed his ideas and preferences for the next season. Something that was exemplified by the casting particula to which the majority of staff members were submitted.

Some like Fede Valverde or Brahim won whole to continue, but others like Ceballos or Bale were left in the shade. A situation that, with the new signings, leaves many players without a place in the first team, making them have to look for a new destination for the next season.

A key point of coincidence between the discards of Real Madrid for the next season is the resistance. The opposition to leave the white set this summer. Many players are publicly positioned towards the option to continue wearing the white elastic, despite knowing that Zidane does not have them.

These factors have paralyzed the 'exit operation', but Real Madrid is also worried about what to do with its young talents without a place in the new 'Zizou' team. This is the case of players like Ceballos, Brahim and Vallejo. Three players for whom the white club bet as future projects and now does not want to lose.

In this line, Madrid is looking for the best option to yield to its talents, although the great alternative could be very close to the Santiago Bernabéu. Specifically to almost 24 kilometers. In Getafe. The Bordalás team will play this season the Europa League and is a succulent option for many players; Especially since the discards of Zidane could continue living in the capital and develop their day to day in the same way as if they trained in Valdebebas every morning.

Ángel Torres has already moved publicly and has shown interest in hosting Ceballos and Brahim; two players who could have those minutes that suffer in Real Madrid. In addition, the azulón president knows that both clubs maintain a good historical relationship in terms of transfers. Canteranos meringues such as Sarabia, Mosquera, Parejo, Miguel Torres, Rubén Yañez, Medrán or Soldado have gone from white elastic to blue; while others like De la Red or Pedro León did it the other way around.

Getafe has always been a springboard for players with a future. Real Madrid could have its young talents more controlled, follow them more closely and ensure a higher percentage of success in assignments. Successfully refers to the growth and development of the players. That is to say, in the Getafe, the players of the white team would need a lesser process of adaptation, since their life would continue to develop under very similar conditions in the same city.



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