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The future of Paul Pogba It looks more white than ever. Or at least that's what he wants. The Frenchman is clear that next season he wants to play at the Santiago Bernabéu under the orders of Zinedine Zidane. An objective whereby the Real Madrid He has been working for weeks now.

The white club has complied with the road map in terms of signings for the defense and forward. Both zones are already covered, in the absence of a hypothetical pump like Kylian Mbappé. What leaves the core as the top priority for the coming weeks.

In this line Zidane has placed the signing of Pogba as a matter of state. The coach wants to have the Frenchman next season, something he has already told the dome of Real Madrid. It is Zidane's great request to Florentino Pérez since he returned to Chamartín.

The player presses Manchester United

The operation is anything but simple. Pogba is the star of Olf Trafford. Both at a sporting and commercial level, French is a true icon of the masses. A machine to make money in advertising and to lead teams. Something for which the Manchester United he refuses to lose his great star and they are making his departure very difficult.

Pogba in a game with Manchester United


For his part, Pogba continues to try to pressure the English club to agree to let him out to Real Madrid. The player already told his leaders that his dream is to play at the Santiago Bernabéu, and this week he was going to meet with his coach, Ole Gunnar Solskaer, to communicate his intentions not to continue in England next season.

With these maneuvers Pogba intends that his signing for Real Madrid will be unlocked little by little. The Frenchman only wants to play at the Bernabéu, well above returning to the A series. And, despite the fact that in recent weeks it had been speculated that Pogba could sign for the Juventus, the Frenchman only thinks in white.

Pogba chooses Spain over Italy

Although Italian taxation would benefit Pogba's economic interests more, the player wants to play in Spain. In fact, the midfielder is willing to lower his salary to sign for Real Madrid, as he revealed exclusively THE BERNABÉU. A decision that reflects the interest of the Gaul to play with the white elastic, putting a dream over money.

The talk between Pogba and Hazard that revolutionizes Twitter: the Madridistas are rubbing their hands

The talk between Pogba and Hazard that revolutionizes Twitter: the Madridistas are rubbing their hands

For Zidane the signing of Pogba goes far beyond recruiting another galactic for his new project. The style that the French coach wants to pose focuses on verticality, physical display, direct play and good taste for the ball. A few conditions that the '6' United holds in his boots, standing out mainly for his versatility and goalscorer coming from the second line. Two very necessary virtues in the new Madrid that is brewing.

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