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In just under a week the new Real Madrid will start walking in Valdebebas. On July 8, whites begin the pre-season pre-season concentration stages in North American lands. A moment that Zidane I had been waiting for months with illusion.

Last season was not in Real Madrid's plans. The white team experienced a transition stage after several years of success and, although it was hard, the fall of the heavens to the underworld has served as a warning to keep constantly on alert and that success does not overshadow everything.

From the final section of the League Real Madrid has been planning the 2019/2020 course. The last matches served the targets as a test bed to test the team before undertaking a major renovation. Something that was exemplified by the particular casting of Zidane, which left clear winners (Valverde, Brahim) and losers (Llorente, Bale).

For the leadership of the new project Florentino Pérez opted for the return of Zidane, a signing that was certified last March and returned the illusion to Real Madrid. This coup d'état was based on the presidential conviction that a technician with a winning aura was needed, who knew the house and had a charisma in the group. Conditions that Zidane gathered in an all in one special one.

Zidane, the visible face of the revolution

Zidane's goals at Real Madrid were clear: Madrid had to return to the path of triumph in which he was immersed in recent years. The coach had a great challenge before a broken group of players, without joy or enthusiasm for the project. The recovery of the ambition to obtain titles was one of the keys to renew the project, something that would now be well on track.

The staff of Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane.

The road map of Zidane in Concha Espina is being fulfilled. To date, Real Madrid has complied with his coach's requests regarding signings, only in the absence of Pogba which is working by piecework. The Whites have brought a scorer –Jovic-, a substitute for MarceloMendy– already Eden Hazard; besides a polyvalent defender –Militao– and another young promise in attack –Rodrygo– In fact, the club moved quickly by Hazard to reassure Zidane on matters of galactic signings.

Now, with the field of incorporations almost closed in its entirety, Zidane must begin to respond with results in the preseason. And if that were not enough, the French coach has also had decision-making power in the organization of the summer stages.

Zidane decided that the team would return to the summer preseason in Montreal (Canada) Y U.S, the same place where he began his successful journey of the 2016/2017 season, the last one that ended with a double for Real Madrid (League and Champions). Another sign that the conditions put Zidane to return to Concha Espina are being met. In the hand of the Frenchman will be grateful for the confidence of the merengue dome with sporting successes.

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