Real Madrid players during the game against Bayern in Houston.

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Marco Asensio has been one of the most important bets of the Real Madrid in recent years. The Spaniard landed at the Santiago Bernabéu in the summer of 2015. The whites paid only 3.5 million euros to the Majorca by its transfer, an amount that later proved to be a galactic maneuver of the club. Now, after having lowered his level last season, his continuity had been compromised in recent months, but Zidane still trusting him.

The future of Marco Asensio has been in the spotlight since the end of last season. 2018/2019 was not the best season of the attacker. The Balearic was another example of the bad year that Real Madrid went through Lopetegui Y Solari in front of the merengue bench. A season that left very signaled to the staff and that demanded the renovation in matter of signings that is tackling the club.

With the spirits appeased after the passage of months, the situation has stabilized again in Chamartín, and Zidane, brand new leader of the new project, has provided the necessary balance needed by the club. Something that also includes the planning of the next season and the purchase and sale of players.

Zidane wants to recover Asensio

Given this situation, Zidane wanted to demonstrate that it has Asensio for next season. The French coach wants to get back the best version of the ex of Mallorca, since it was at his orders where he offered his best records, with memorable games in Champions League.

Real Madrid players during the game against Bayern in Houston.


This situation was exemplified by the Bayern, in the debut of Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup. Asensio started against the Germans and, although his best match did not work out, he showed that he counts on the Zidane road map for the next season. Now is when the striker has to step forward to earn the definitive confidence of his coach.

Asensio needed to take a step forward

Last season it seemed that it could be the definitive settlement of Asensio in the elite of European football, in a Real Madrid. And is that the Balearic came to sign several successful campaigns, knocking down the door of the white club with football and goals. Although he finally did not finish taking that step to the front he needed himself and the team.

Marco Asensio celebrates with Benzema the French goal against Athletic

Marco Asensio celebrates with Benzema the French goal against Athletic


This season Asensio will have a hard road at Real Madrid, as the competition will be fierce up front. The end has to compete with Hazard Y Vinicius for a position on the left wing; especially with the Brazilian. And is that with Junior it will be with who really plays having an important presence in Zidane's line-ups.

However, the competition for Marco does not end there. The club has signed this summer to Luka Jovic to compete with Benzema, but it is also Rodrygo Y Kubo They are pushing hard as new club pearls. A trio of players with a desire to succeed that will make things very complicated for their competitors.

The future of Asensio is white

Despite all this, the future of Asensio is white. The rumors of his departure have been dissipating as the summer progressed. The player would only leave Real Madrid for a millionaire offer, something that seems that it will not reach the club in this summer window. And is that the Liverpool, the Balearic's maximum suitor this summer, has fallen out of the equation in recent weeks, just as he has confirmed Klopp publicly, noting that they will not make large transfers.

This situation leaves Asensio in a favorable position within Real Madrid. His destiny seems destined to continue being merengue, but now he will have to reciprocate the club and Zidane to earn a place in the team.

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