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On July 29, before the Real Madrid set course to Germany to dispute the Audi Cup, a statement was issued on the website of the merengue team confirming that the Belgian goalkeeper had been injured. “After the tests performed on our player Thibaut Courtois by the Real Madrid Medical Services he has been diagnosed with a grade II sprain in his left ankle. Pending evolution, “read the note issued by the club.

Although initially it was thought that Courtois the start of the official season would be lost and would be available only from the second game of The league, the injury suffered by the archer has been less serious than was thought when the medical tests were performed. The former of Chelsea He has already returned to trainyou lie with the group and Zidane you can count on him for the debut in the domestic championship against the Celta Vigo -party that is played next Saturday, August 17-.

During its short time off, Keylor Navas He has done a good job in the tournament that took place in Munich. In the Audi Cup he signed several merit stops that in some sectors were seen as an open door to the goal debate. Real Madrid could not win at Tottenham to sneak into the final, but it was the best of the game avoiding a more bulky result in favor of spurs. Before him Fenerbahce he started, but then left his site to Lunin.

Keylor Navas, during the preseason of Real Madrid


What seemed like a safe situation has taken a turn until today. The tico staged his goodbye at Santiago Bernabeu in the last game of last year against Betis. However, he has finally decided to stay knowing that Thibaut Courtois is chosen to be the owner in 2019/2020. It was planned that Lunin Act as second goalkeeper, but the decision of Keylor has caused a change in the plans and now the most feasible is an assignment, preferably in La Liga, for the Ukrainian.

Courtois, holder

Nothing has changed since the end of the 2018/2019 season. The international goalkeeper with the Belgium national team It is who will be placed under the three sticks to start the official season. Courtois himself claimed that he now knows who the number one is shortly before he was injured. “I think it is now clear who is number one. I feel stronger than ever, “he told the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

Thibaut Courtois, in a Real Madrid match

Thibaut Courtois, in a Real Madrid match

He wants to take off the 'thorn' from last season and show why he was designated as the Best Goalkeeper of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This has been prepared thoroughly and that if some want to open the debate, Courtois wants to close it based on good stops and give points with them to Real Madrid. It has lowered its fat index from 8.8 to 8.1 and this after the holidays. Now a thorough career begins to convince Real Madrid that it is really number one.

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