Van de Beek, in a match with Ajax in Amsterdam. Photo: Instagram (@afcajax)

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Donny van de Beek still in the orbit of Real Madrid before his possible signing for the white set. There is still nothing concrete about this operation, but his compatriot and former partner of the Ajax, Jong Frenkie, has granted an interview to the ESPN to praise the possibility of such incorporation.

First, the new midfielder of Barcelona He has expressed his desire that Van de Beek continue in Ajax, but has given his approval to his signing for Real Madrid and, in addition, has added that he would be deserved: “I would prefer to continue in Ajax because I would not like to have him as rival and so, in addition, Ajax would be stronger. But, of course, when everything is closed, if he goes to Madrid, I will be very happy for him. I think he deserves it, he is a great player. See you in Spain! “

In addition, De Jong did not want to question the quality of his countryman and said that he would also make a great paper dressed in white: “I am completely sure that he has the ability to do so. I think he showed it last season in the Champions, especially in the qualifiers. I think he has shown the world and everyone in Europe that has the ability to play at this level. “

Van de Beek, in a match with Ajax in Amsterdam. Photo: Instagram (@afcajax)

The decomposition of Ajax

Finally, Frenkie has taken stock of his previous course with Ajax and has expressed his regret that the team has broken down with the exits: “I am very proud of the season we did and seeing the boys starring great signings. I think they deserve it. But, of course, I feel a little sad, not in the sense of regretting it because I am very proud and happy to be in Barcelona, ​​but of course it is a bit sad that the team has broken … ” .

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