Pogba, with Manchester United

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The possibility that Paul Pogba leave the Manchester United To land in Madrid is still in the air. Although the passage of weeks and the closing of the transfer market in the Premier League The operation has cooled, everything can happen until September 2.

Rumors continue to come to light and keep giving what to talk about. Franck sale, Scout chief of Le havre and who discovered the Frenchman, gave an interview to Optus Sport in which he spoke about this option: “If Paul decides to go to a club like Madrid, with a coach with a personality like Zidane's, the conflicts between them will end outcropping. “

The Frenchman considered that in addition to some unique soccer qualities, Pogba has a “very strong” personality, which would end up “clashing with a coach with a similar character”. “If Paul says he will leave, he will. It already happened when he left for Juventus from Manchester. Despite Ferguson's strong personality, Paul's was imposed and was stronger,” he explained.

Pogba, with Manchester United


On this new destination, Sale said “Paul is ready for a new challenge.” “I see him leaving Manchester United for another great club. Paul is a man who needs challenges and is too comfortable in Manchester, he is not a challenge as he did a few years ago,” he concluded.

The situation in United is tense. In the training city of the red devils they appeared painted against the French midfielder: “Pogba, out.” It is a blow to the player who is at a crossroads that could trigger his arrival at the Real Madrid. Everything remains to be seen until September 2.

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