Luka Jovic ended up injured the derby against Atlético de la International Champions Cup

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Luka Jovic it's back. The Serbian striker trained normally in Valdebebas on Friday with the rest of the team and the Real Madrid You can already count on what is your star goal scorer signing so far. A very positive news for Zidane facing the official start of the season that will arrive in just under two weeks.

The attacker landed this summer at the Santiago Bernabéu with the sign of being the goal scorer who needed the Real Madrid squad. An operation in which the white club disbursed 60 million euros to seize services with one of the revelation players last season.

Real Madrid faced the signing of Jovic with a clear plan to ensure the future offensive of the club. A bet with which to increase competition in the offensive plot and make Karim Benzema had, a priori, a substitute for guarantees in the workforce. The goal was to get the Serbian to go to the club to inherit the throne of the Frenchman in the coming years.

Bittersweet summer

The preseason has not been a path of roses for Luka Jovic. The Serbian striker knew that he had to work hard to adapt and earn an important place in front of an entire ocean liner like Real Madrid. His injury in the 28th minute of the last derby against the Atlético de Madrid in New York, following a clash with Oblak, arrived as a jug of cold water for the squad and the player himself.

Luka Jovic ended up injured the derby against Atlético de la International Champions Cup

So far the player has not had luck in his first months as a Real Madrid player, since when Zidane has given him a chance, fate has truncated it. It is something that is not only reflected in the injury suffered in his left ankle, but also in his first ownership with Real Madrid. And Jovic had a game against Arsenal. The Serbian was replaced in the 16th minute of that match against Arsenal, on the occasion of the expulsion of Nacho Fernandez in 9 of the first part.

Jovic knows that the nine holder of Real Madrid is Karim Benzema, but the Serbian must press to try to get a place in the lead. This will help you adapt and improve, making your peers increase their performance with increasing competition.

Two games to convince

The goal of Jovic is now to try to recover 100% and face the last two friendlies of the summer with possibilities to play; The next one is on August 7 at 7:00 p.m. against Salzburg, while the last one will be 11 at 20:00 in front of the Rome. Two key games for the player in his career to show Zidane his full potential before the start of the League.

Luka Jovic poses next to Florentino Pérez with the Real Madrid shirt

Luka Jovic poses next to Florentino Pérez with the Real Madrid shirt


The player must assert himself with what he does best: score goals. Mariano Díaz still committed to staying at Real Madrid and trying to snatch the job; He already showed it with his great performance against the Fenerbahce, despite not counting for Zidane, as reported by EL BERNABÉU. However, the 27 goals in 48 games that Jovic scored with the Eintracht They make him a constant threat.

Jovic must take advantage that he has full confidence of the club in his figure, since it is the future bet of Real Madrid for the lead. You should take advantage of the opportunity you have in your hands, being able to grow in Concha Espina from the best players in the world.

(More information: Luka Jovic is back and is already training normally with his teammates)



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