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Star signing in The beach bar. Mathias Pogba He was one of the special guests at the start of the new season of the program and now it has been announced that he will be a regular contributor to the space run by Josep Pedrerol. On this occasion, Mathias has spoken on the subject of the moment: the signing of Neymar.

The French striker has ensured that, in his opinion, reach an amount like those speculated by the end of the PSG it's too much. In addition, he has ensured that he does not believe the movements he is making Barcelonabut in what Messi He loves him and that can tip the scales in favor of the Blaugrana club.

'Neymar soap opera'

“I do not believe the movements of Barça. For me it is too much money. You can stay, but you will not be happy, you will not play …”.

The moment of the truth

“In a week we will really see what Real Madrid or Barcelona wants. The last day, more. When I left for Amsterdam, sign on September 2, a few hours from the end of the market. Everything will happen this week”.

Messi's wish

“If Neymar comes to Barcelona, ​​Messi knows how he can play with him. I think Messi knows very well everything that is happening with the operation and that if Leo loves him, he will end up at Barça.”

Dybala can't be your relay

“I don't believe in the signing of Dybala. Dybala is not a number one. It is a number two or three. It is not worth replacing Neymar.”

I trembled, yes

“Dembélé would be the perfect substitute for Neymar in the PSG, but he's injured.”

(More information – Mathias Pogba: “Paul is waiting and Zidane is missing my brother”)




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