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Mathias Pogba He has been the special guest of The beach bar. The forward became the star signing of Manchego Ciudad Real Sports Club and he has won everyone with his sympathy, character and good humor. A disciplined footballer, with very clear things and who would love to see in Spain To his brothers.

One of them, Paul, is linked for months with the Real Madrid. The market of the Premier League he closed with him in still in the ranks of Manchester United, but Mathias still believes that the soap opera could have a happy ending.

Questions about Paul

“I don't get angry. Talking about my brothers makes me happy, but I don't like to repeat the same things many times.”

Happy childhood

“Always. We had a happy childhood, we have always been happy. The most mischievous? I-laughs-“.

Father's advice

“With 6 years, my father told me 'go on, go on, go on.' He always said that we would continue and become soccer players. My father played, but he was not professional. But he always watched videos of Pele, Maradona … Then he saw the World Cup in 1998, I saw Ronaldo and I already knew he wanted to play. He is the one who made me play football. “

Signing for the Manchego

“I thought it was a good opportunity to play again. After my injury to the Achilles tendon and not being able to play for a year, it was difficult. Football is part of me. I have had injuries, but I am very strong mentally.” .

Pogba, with Manchester United


Interest of Madrid in Paul

“If he wanted to? We know he wanted to move, but he's not to blame. He's waiting. He works hard and we'll see what happens.”

Opinion on Neymar

“It is not professional what Neymar does. My brother is not going to do that, he is a professional. He has a contract with a club and will work in that club to the fullest until he signs for another club.”

Better head?


Best soccer player?



“It's what there is – laughter – Messi can do everything, but Cristiano in the big games you will see for sure, there are games that you don't see Messi, but with the ball with his foot, Messi does what he wants.”


“Who is Mourinho?”


“No, a player does not always have to be with his coach. If the coach is not with his players, his players do not have to be with him. He was not with the team and the team was not with him.”

Best technicians

“I respect what he did, but now he is not a good example for me. For me, the best examples as coaches are Klopp, Zidane and Guardiola.”

Pogba, Zidane's favorite

“Zidane is one of the greats, and I think that if the club gives him what he wants, he won't have a problem, but if they don't give it to him, he's going to have a hard time because what he wants will not happen, because right now it's a little late. My brother is missing and I think he needs another midfielder. “


Florentino Pérez can get it

“Of course Florentino can get it, nothing is impossible in life. I don't think it's worth 200 million, but now the football world is like that, Manchester is going to ask for a lot, but not 200. It's delicate but the player has his goals personal, if you have to leave, well that's it. If you can't stay and play where you are, you can stay and you're done. I can't assure you are going to stay at United. “

Favorite team in Spain

“I like Barcelona better. I like 'tiki taca', that's why Barcelona. Paul? I don't know, I don't know.”

Everything is possible

“In football you never know. Until September 2 everything can happen.”

The 3 Pogba in Spain?

“Personally, if the two come to Spain, I'm a fucking mother.”

Paul's dream

“My brother's dream is to win the Champions League.”


“The owner of Manchester does not mean yes.”

Neymar soap opera

“Neymar is a crack, but I think Barcelona does not need Neymar, he has already signed a scorer like Griezmann. Madrid would need him more, but I think he will stay in the PSG. How much do they ask? Football is a madness”.

A wish for the future

“I want to be a coach and win the Champions League. I would be very disciplined … one. Only one could follow her a little less. Just like Mbappé with France in the World Cup. Only one, crack.”

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