Hazard marks from the front of the area against Red Bull Salzburg

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The Real Madrid The last friendly match against the Rome before the new edition of The league roll. The situation of some of the players in the white squad continues to be the subject of debate over the possible exit of each one of them, but there is nothing concrete yet. In this sense, the most popular names are those of James Rodriguez Y Gareth Bale, and in the case of the latter, the door of the Premier League It has been closed with its market close.

Regarding this situation and other issues surrounding the current situation of the club, Pedja Mijatovic has performed his particular analysis in The spar. The former player of the white team has estimated that the exits of Bale and James are not going to be simple, making the same balance of the possible signing of Pogba, and has also talked about adapting to new systems and the prominence of Eden Hazard.

Impatience for the starting track

“I hope we are looking forward to starting La Liga, the summer is quite long and we want to see all the teams competing. In Real Madrid there have been good matches and others where things have not gone well, little by little Little is improving and there are other things that must continue to work to improve, but I think it will not have a problem to compete. “

Hazard marks from the front of the area against Red Bull Salzburg


Modric's commitment

“Modric is very happy at Real Madrid and is working and preparing for the season. This news is normal because they talk about many players at this time, but what I can say is that he is going to stay, has a contract and is very I'm happy. I'm not his representative, but I talk to him a lot and he is very happy here. Yes, it is true that he could get into an operation when he was a Golden Ball, but his idea and his thoughts are in Real Madrid. “

Bale, with all of losing

“From the outside, if Bale stays, I don't think the team has a problem in having him, because Zidane doesn't have or has little with him and Bale will have the problem. Let's see if any team tries to do something for him, in this summer season is talked a lot, but at the end you have to have all the players in your squad. Bale can contribute many things, but you have to see how this issue is resolved. “

Gareth Bale looks at the ground during the match against Arsenal

Gareth Bale looks at the ground during the match against Arsenal


James's delicate situation

“James had left Real Madrid because the coach does not trust him too much, I guess they will try to find him a way out although it is not easy. There are several teams interested and we will see what happens, it is a case similar to Bale. To me it is a player who I like it, but it's the coach's decisions and I don't want to get in there. “

The 'Pogba case' does not cease

“Throughout the summer and Pogba is still being talked about, in my opinion it is a very difficult operation and Manchester United seems to have him. Zidane loves him, but dealing with this issue with United is complicated and Real Madrid can have some problem in that position. “

Pogba, during the Manchester United preseason

Pogba, during the Manchester United preseason


Adaptation to the new systems

“The schemes are coaches' affairs, Zidane is looking for the best solution. All the previous successes have been achieved with another system and it is probably difficult to adapt to the new ones, but at least it has been won and I was a little surprised.”

Hazard's role

“Hazard's first goal is good news and I have the feeling that Zidane is going to use this scheme a lot during the season. Eden is a player who will go from less to more, you have to give him time and a little confidence, he will take the rhythm and will help Real Madrid achieve everything. “

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