Graph with the statistics of Mbappé, Neymar and Hazard.

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The Real Madrid suffered from lack of goal last season, something that led the team to run out League, without Cup and also without Champions League. It was Benzema the one who pulled the car with his 30 goals among all competitions, just two to beat his best record since you saw the white elastic. During the transfer market, the club has bought a goal with additions such as Jovic or Hazard. But the transfer window has not yet closed and as heard by the Santiago Bernabeu “until September 2 everything is possible”.

That's where the name of Neymar. The Brazilian end is one of the options that Real Madrid has on the table. Of clear offensive character and with a special scoring nose, the still footballer of Paris Saint-Germain I would give that goal that the merengue team craves so much. In preseason those of Zidane add three defeats and two victories – one achieved in the penalty shootout against the Arsenal-. Tuning the aim is one of the tasks before the start of 2019/2020, but with the numbers ahead, Neymar would bring a goal to this Madrid.

The 27-year-old would average a goal per game played. Its variables are 0.63 points per encounter and 0.37 assists. Adding both results in that goal every 90 minutes. This predictable performance that Neymar would give at Real Madrid is possible thanks to Olocip. This company, promoted by the soccer player of Spanish, Esteban Barn, arises after the identification of certain deficiencies in the world of football, which can be corrected thanks to the use of new technologies.

Graph with the statistics of Mbappé, Neymar and Hazard.

With the contribution of Pedro Larrañaga Y Bielza shell, professors of the UPM and referents in the sector of Artificial intelligence, as technological partners, 'El Pirata' Granero has developed the ability to predict the future performance of soccer players. In football and current sport, the Big data, colloquially known as a data collection, it has been used to intuit subjectively what will happen. However, Olocip adds Artificial Intelligence to the equation to work with predictions based on scientific rigor. In this process there is a key element: statistics.

How to fit Neymar

The Brazilian would be one more piece to fit in Real Madrid's Zinedine Zidane. The serious injury suffered by Marco Asensio during the International Champions Cup, which will lose more than half of next season, leaves a significant gap in the squad. The white team has offensive players like Hazard, Rodrygo or Kubo -depending on the third extra-community place, Junior Vinicius Y Lucas Vázquez to play for the bands, in addition to the '9' that are now in the squad: Benzema, Jovic Y Mariano.

Neymar Junior can play by the band, thus being able to opt for a system with the Brazilian in one of the lanes, the other for Eden Hazard and Benzema on end. A trident that would become one of the most feared on the planet soccer. The former of Saints It is fully compatible with both the Belgian and Karim, but also with Vinicius and the rest. In fact, his compatriot has verbalized on numerous occasions the desire to share equipment with the end of the PSG.

Galactic Records

Despite having had two serious injuries, both in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019, Neymar's numbers are outstanding. Last year he scored 23 goals and distributed 13 assists in 28 games. A year before this, he signed 28 goals and 16 goal passes in 30 games. It is precisely in the assists section that he highlighted in the Olocip study about other top players such as Mbappé and Hazard. Here, Neymar would offer Real Madrid, with one assistance every 236 minutes, which would make a total of 0.38 per game. Hazard, with one every 257 minutes (0.35), and Mbappé, with another every 290 (0.31), would follow the Brazilian.

Neymar, in China with the PSG. Photo: Twitter

Neymar, in China with the PSG. Photo: Twitter

The offensive potential that the international would bring canarinho I would go further still. Since it goes beyond goals and assists. Neymar would shoot between the three sticks four to five times per game, while he would successfully perform 47% of the dribbles attempted. Finally, it would also carry out one to two centers due to clash with Real Madrid. Some records that would support a strong commitment of the white club for him.

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