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Omar Mascarell He believes that the new signing of Real Madrid, Luka Jovic, is worth 60 million – plus five for variables – that the white club has paid for it. The Tenerife shared costumes with the Serbian in the Eintracht of Frankfurt. Mascarell has valued in an interview to Goal and Spox Real Madrid contract praising its quality.

The current FC Schalke footballer has assured that you have to be patient with the player and that it is not easy to start a new life in another country. On the other hand, he has advised him to take an example from his classmates: “I am sure that Luka you will learn a lot from Karim Benzema. He is very young and you have to be patient. He has just landed in a new country and has to become a new language and culture. “

In spite of the admiration that he has towards his former team, he confesses that it is complicated military among his ranks: “Not everyone can deal with the pressure on the Real Madrid. I wish you success. He has the qualities for it, rarely saw a striker with such a shot at his age. I'm sure that worth 60 million who have paid for him. “

Luka Jovic, against Roma


He wanted to highlight his experience at Real Madrid, especially as learning Looking ahead, being aware of how difficult it is to succeed in the first team “As a youth player you barely have any chances. I was able to train several times with the professionals and once I even participated in the US tour. Of course, I was clear that I was going to I learned a lot, but I wasn't going to become a professional there, “said the Canary.

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