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The soap opera of the situation of Neymar Jr. continues its course at the same time that the summer transfer market enters its final stretch. The fate of the Brazilian attacker remains unclear while the Real Madrid and the Barcelona They continue with the 'war' of their possible signing on their own, waiting for the moment of final resolution.

In The beach bar, the 'Neymar case' continues to give much to talk about and Oscar Pereiro He has made a very peculiar comparison. The Tertullian has emphasized the economic problems of the Barça team and has exemplified it by saying that if someone wants to buy the best car in the market, they cannot go to the dealership without money.

The comparison with the dealer

“You can't show up at a dealership to buy a car and say 'I don't have money, but I want the best'. If Barcelona can't sign Neymar, it seems like a joke now, because so far he has been the only one who has he took a plane and went to Paris. Ask him to give him away or to give him back a player without putting a hard one? It seems surreal to me. “

Neymar trains with the PSG


The silence of Neymar

“Neymar does not speak because it is almost impossible for Barça to sign him.”

(More information: Neymar accepts Casemiro's challenge on Instagram)



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