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With the galactic vitola he introduced himself to Eden Hazard at Honor Box of the Santiago Bernabéu, awakening the illusion among Real Madrid. His years in the Chelseaas well as his performances with the Belgium national team, have catapulted the player to the elite of world football. The hopes that the 2019/2020 season will end up being good are, in part, placed on the back of the Belgian, who has the approval of Zidane.

After a few weeks of rest after its long release, Hazard landed in Valdebebas to start a new stage in his career. During the tour of U.Swhere whites disputed the International Champions Cup, and the journey through Munich to play the Audi Cup, Eden has been leaving flashes of its quality with the '50' behind. But there is still much to see.

Zidane has placed him as non-negotiable throughout all the preparation matches. The goal is to adapt to the team and also to Spanish football, since Eden Hazard has made his entire career to date in France and England. This adaptation process is being supervised by the team's master, the main supporter of his signing.

Zinedine Zidane on the Real Madrid bench


It was when the footballer was practically a stranger in the ranks of the Lille when Zinedine Zidane laid eyes on him. This was almost a decade ago and he then recommended his signing to Real Madrid. Finally the player ended up heading to London to play in Chelsea, but almost since then his name has been linked to the Spanish club every summer.


Last season he scored 21 goals and distributed 17 assists, for the 17 goals and 13 goal passes of 2017/2018. Hazard averages between 30 and 40 points per course. A contribution that will come very well to Real Madrid de Zizou, especially after a gray campaign and with a preseason that has been like a roller coaster. The expectations set in the Belgian are very high, not in vain is one of the best players on the planet.

There are still two games ahead to close the preseason and then the official course will begin in Spain. With these matches and the demanding training sessions with Zidane and Dupont Hazard is expected to start showing his best version then, and, little by little, he goes more and more as the days go by. In short, an upward progression.

Eden Hazard, in a Real Madrid match

Eden Hazard, in a Real Madrid match


These two weeks are key to the set-up. Zidane continues to move his chips to fit everything to his liking and also to give the expected results. Hazard can play in several positions. In the preseason he has been seen forming in the center of the field with a 4-4-2 thrown to the left wing, as well as end by that same flank or acting behind the front as a hitch.

The goal is to find the perfect place for him and thus see his best version, the one that has led him to be among the favorites every year. Golden Ball or at The best, among which is already a brand new finalist in this 2019. Hazard has fulfilled his life's dream by signing for Real Madrid and now he has to become a white legend with his successes in the field.

(More information: Hazard, the only Real Madrid nominee for The Best)



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