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The Real Madrid He is living a very complicated start to the season. The injuries are hitting the staff hard again and speculation about the possible reasons have not stopped happening. The last player to arrive at the merengue infirmary has been Isco, with a muscular lesion in the biceps femoris.

Since the first preseason training, on July 10 in Montreal, Real Madrid has registered seven injuries in just 10 weeks. A remarkably high figure that has generated uncertainty in the team and the merengue fans. Currently the list of casualties is formed by Isco, James Rodríguez, Brahím Díaz, Hazard, Rodrygo and Asensio. However, others like Jovic, Mendy or Courtois They have also been in the list before.

Javier Miñano, Real Madrid and the National team coach currently working with the Armenian national team, analyzed the situation in Radio Brand and he did not focus all the spotlights on the team preseason, since he considers that other years have been successful with the same work model.

“All the great teams in the world are obliged to do this kind of preseason. Three Champions have been achieved in a row with that format of preparation, so we can not say that the injuries have come exclusively for this,” said the physical trainer on the plague that ravages the white template.

Now Zidane will have to rearm the team with a view to the next matches. The French coach will look for new variables in the template for the match against the Villarreal, seeking to take advantage of the good form of attackers like Bale or Benzema, in addition to the return of Modric after his penalty match against Valladolid for expulsion on the first day.

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