Karim Benzema celebrates his with Bale at Real Madrid - Valladolid

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Karim Benzema it appears before another season in which it will have to assume great responsibilities in the Real Madrid. The exit of Cristiano Ronaldo He put more burden on his shoulders last season, but proved that it does not weigh him. The 30 goals he scored saved him from burning the fans against most of the white costumes. This time he did not touch Karim and rightly so.

This season has started for him just as the previous one ended: at the pace of goals. Benzema has already reached two goals in three games and promises to be crucial again for the goal this year. But Madrid has worked this summer so that the scoring responsibility does not fall solely on their boots.

The main bet of Zidane for this course will remain 4-3-3 after the failed arrival of Pogba. The trident of attack will continue to pick up the spotlight, as did the 'BBC'during the second golden era in the history of Real Madrid. A time that Benzema craves, where he didn't look like he did now, but in which he formed a lethal trio with Christian Y Bale. This was remembered in a recent report issued by the French network RMC.

Benzema, the 'anti star'

Benzema does not weigh the gallons, but he has always been a player who does not mind looking less if he makes his teammates look more. It is his best virtue, one that is found in very few players of his level, and that has made him an indispensable player for (almost) all the coaches who have gone through Real Madrid since he signed in 2009; A total of seven.

In the dressing room he has great consideration and there is no footballer who does not understand well with Benzema. It is necessary that some players take a step forward so that Karim does not feel alone facing the door and can take advantage of the strengths of his teammates to raise football in Madrid. You will have several couples for this course and they all enjoy the '9' next to you.

Karim Benzema celebrates his with Bale at Real Madrid – Valladolid


Hazard, Benzema and … Vinicius or Bale?

Eden Hazard It will be your best companion. It is the franchise player, the substitute for Cristiano and the partner for Benzema, which drives what was seen last season. An injury of the Belgian has prevented them from seeing them together in an official match, but already during the preseason they showed that playing together will only give benefits to both.

The left will be for Hazard and the right will be disputed Vinicius and bale. With the Brazilian, Benzema already showed a special tune last year. He robbed the young pearl since his arrival, being a kind of godfather. The relationship is very good, although Vinicius does not finish starting this course. With the Welsh words are left over. It's been six years by his side and he knows him by the hand. For Benzema, that Bale has not left alone is good news.

(More information: Benzema, on the 'BBC': “Bale was a rocket and Cristiano the scorer, I made them work”)



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