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He CD Heel put his name in the sphere of Women's Football at the highest level after getting promoted to the First Iberdrola at the end of last season. After the deed harvested by the humble Madrid team, a story was confirmed that would forever change the history of the club: it would become the Real Madrid Women from 2020/2021.

Since then it has only reinforced with important names like those of Sofia Jakobsson, Kosovare Asllani, Thaisa Moreno, Aurélie Kaci or Ainoa Field. Even after the official season began, the Heel has continued to announce names to join the orders of David Aznar and the last one was that of Babett Peter, who arrives free after disconnecting from the Wolfsburg.

Babett Peter, German defense. Photo: Instagram (@peterbabett)

Babett Peter (31 years old, Germany) She is a footballer consecrated in the European and world elite. The German was indisputable with the Mannschaft, accumulating 118 internationalities. But he decided to close this stage – after winning the 2006 World Cup, the Eurocup of 2009 and two Olympic medals (bronze in 2008 and gold in 2016) -, just before France World Cup disputed last summer.

The player arrives at what will be Real Madrid Women's to prop up the defense. Although last weekend the CD Heel got its first victory in the First Iberdrola, the defeat on day 1 of the championship against the Barcelona 9-1 made it clear that reinforcements were needed behind. And that's where Peter's name came into play, a veteran side in the service of David Aznar.

Overcoming History

With only 5 years, Babett suffered a partial paralysis in the face, whose sequels can be seen on his face today despite undergoing surgery when he had not yet turned 16. This episode of his life made him stronger and grow as a person. When she was a child, her classmates laughed at her. The left half of his face was dropped, his eye was not closing and his mouth was crooked.

This stone in his way prevented him from growing and began to play sports to feel better. As a child she started with gymnastics, but soon discovered that football was even better. It was practicing where he felt “important” for the first time and managed to stand up to those other children who had mocked her. With 15 years, and after demonstrating that he was better than many boys, he left his home to enter the boarding school of Lomototive Leipzig.

It was there that his crooked face moved to the background where he should always have been. Only two years later, with 17, she was summoned by the Germany women's soccer team. Of her they emphasized his versatility and the powerful aerial game. Efficient, with a well furnished head and winning character, this was only the first chapter of a player who would become the leader of her country.

Winner's path

With the nickname of 'Hulk' they began to meet him in Germany. His passion for working in the gym beyond the training of his teams and also for his time as sports soldier professional Federal Army of his country. It became a cape and it is usual in Germanic territory that some players get ready to obtain extra income.

Babett Peter, German defense. Photo: vfl.wolfsburg.frauen

Babett Peter, German defense. Photo: vfl.wolfsburg.frauen

Of the Turbine Potsdam to the FFC Frankfurt and from there to the Wolfsburg. His football career is plagued by successes also at club level. Eight league titles, seven Cup and one Women's Champions League They appear on your record to date. But it has been now when he has been bitten by the 'bug' of leaving Germany to face a new challenge in Spain, on the CD Heel.

Babett Peter is delighted to arrive at Real Madrid or the team that will be the women's section of the white club next year. He has signed for two seasons and has assured that he feels “happy and honest for being able to say that Madrid “is your” home. “” Thank you very much CD Tacón and future Real Madrid for allowing me to have such an incredible opportunity. I could not feel more proud to be part of the königliche -As the white club is known in his country- “, he wrote on his social networks after confirming his signing.

A footballer who in Germany compare with Philipp Lahm, the leader for years of the German national team and the Bayern Munich. With the one that was lateral of the Bavarian set they have drawn similarity for their position, style of play, strength, character and determination. A player who arrives at the CD Heel to contribute veterany to a very young group and eager to make history.

(More information: The CD Heel signs Babett Peter: the champion of the Champions League for Real Madrid Women)



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