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The international break is being a liberation for Gareth Bale. The striker of Real Madrid He smiles again with his team and has released everything he had inside because of his frustrated departure from the white club this summer. He admitted in an interview that he did not play happily at this start of the season and that he had felt the “scapegoat” for the bad results of the last year in Madrid.

Bale yes is happy in Welsh and showed it with a goal this Friday against Azerbaijan. It was another Gareth that has been seen in recent weeks in Madrid, at least emotionally. Bale has started the season as a shot, but is hurt after Madrid sought him a way out and does not accept that he was designated as the big culprit of what happened the season.

He also has reason to think that he does not have the confidence of Zidane. The French coach showed him the exit door at the end of last season, but circumstances have taken the situation to the point that both of them must share clothes at least until next summer. Not even Premier neither China, Bale stays in Madrid under the orders of Zidane.

Gareth Bale, at Villarreal – Real Madrid


It is difficult to start this zero after what Bale has lived this summer. No one in Madrid could expect in June that the Welshman would remain in the squad, but the picture changed and he wants to assume naturally. Bale is still a star and in the club they know that he can be a very profitable player as an alternative to the failed signing of Neymar. He has extended his hand.

Zidane bets on Bale

Bale also has Zidane's forgiveness. The French coach is willing to recover him and this has been seen in the first three league days. Three consecutive titles ahead of other players like Vinicius or Lucas Vázquez. In absence of Hazard, who is expected to return to Levante, has been the one who has thrown the team behind his back … but still not happy.

His performance in these first days has been impeccable. As he himself has said, he behaves like a professional. But in the athletes the mood is very important and, in the case of the soccer players, the confidence of the team in which it is. That is what Madrid and Zidane have been working on since they understood that Welsh would continue for another year in Chamartín. Bale also wants to claim and that makes him a very dangerous weapon for Madrid's rivals.



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