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Ferland Mendy enjoy your first matches with the Real Madrid after being injured during the preseason. Zidane gave him ownership against the Villarreal just before the break and now hopes to enjoy another opportunity in the Princes Park. A very special scenario for him, as he reveals in an interview with Canal + France.

The beginnings of Mendy were in the PSG, but because of some hip problems he had to leave the club. He tells how bad it happened then: “The hardest part of my career was my hip problem when I was at PSG. The doctor told me I could amputate myself,” he says.

“The possibility of returning to the PSG in 2017? Yes, that is true, but honestly it did not interest me. I had already made the decision to sign in Lyon, and the PSG reached the end. And when you arrive later, logically, it is because you have less confidence, “he says about signing again for the PSG.

Now he fulfills a dream by wearing white: “Play at Real Madrid? It's really a fairy tale!” Although he acknowledges that he had a bad time in his presentation, for fear of making a fool of himself. “I was stressed, it was the first time in my life that I was stressed, I arrived, I saw the followers and I thought 'oh yes' …” he laughs. “I said to myself 'I don't have to fail, I don't need to be magnified, I don't have to magnify this.' And my friends said 'you're going to fail' And I told them 'no, I'm not going to fail'! Sleep, he the day before, “I don't have to magnify” And in the end, take, I fall into the trap! “, he continues, hilarious, he adds.

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