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Thus comes the news of Friday, September 20:

Zidane and the lost time: the month in which the Real Madrid project is played

The coach must react to the team immediately, since even he does not have unlimited credit at the white club. Read the full story >>

Zidane's dilemma: a revolution in the Real Madrid scheme

The French coach looks for changes for his team. The first can be in the drawing to stop the bleeding in defense and end the problems with the goal. Read the full story >>

The solutions of Zidane: the plan before the urgencies of Real Madrid

The French coach has lost credit after the defeat in Paris and must overcome the flight at the stroke of decisions with the entry into a key month of competition. Read the full story >>

James poses as another signing of Real Madrid in the official photo of the season

The white club has made this Friday the traditional inn of each beginning of the season. Florentino Pérez has posed with the staff and the technical staff of Real Madrid during a session held in Valdebebas. What has attracted the most attention is the presence of James Rodríguez in the usual photo of the new additions with the president. Read the full story >>

Cristiano Ronaldo finds the woman who gave him burgers when he had no money

The Portuguese revealed that with 12 years, when he had no money, three women gave him free food. The identity of one of them has been revealed. Read the full story >>



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