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Eden Hazard He had an encounter with Mahouwhere he talked about his first showdown of League before him Athletic With the Real Madrid shirt. The Belgian analyzed the derby and the keys of the match. The player, indisputable for ZidaneHe wanted to confess his opinions and feelings before the meeting against the rojiblanco team next day 28.

On the most important key to the game, the forward was clear: “The mentality. In a derby it is essential and if you want more, you win. When you play football you know what the derbies look like. You know what you have to do, you just have to win; it is not necessary to explain it to you, “said the Belgian.

New Derbi, same sensations

He, who has lived several derbies in London, among them, it is worth mentioning his confrontation with Arsenal every season, he confesses what he wants from the team for the derby and what he hopes to do as a player: “In these games you know how are the sensations, passion, rivalry of the fans … especially when they are two teams from the same city as the Real Madrid and Atlético. My wish for the derby is to score and win. I just want to make fans happy. ”

Diego Carlos chases Hazard, in Sevilla – Real Madrid


How does Hazard prepare for a derby? The Belgian's response, clear and concise: “I do it normally. I don't have a routine, I just try to be focused before the game and do my best in the field.”

Madrid, different

Something that the player has found clear is the atmosphere of the white team, something that he wanted to classify as different from the rest: “Everything here is different. My presentation was crazy to see so many people in the stadium. Real Madrid is incredible. For this season I wish we won a lot of trophies. “

As a curiosity, the question about his favorite goal in history is his coach: “Zidane's volley to Bayer Leverkusen“.

A special rival in the derby. Diego Costa was his companion in the Chelsea and now he wants to snatch the victory in the derby: “Diego Costa is the rival that I want to face because he is my friend and we play together.”

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