Luka Modric, with the selection of Croatia. Photo:

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Zdravko Mamic, who was the executive director of the Dinamo Zagrebspoke for FourFourTwo about the signing of Modric for him Tottenham and a figure, Daniel Levy. The Croatian states that the president of the spurs He is a peculiar character and a relentless negotiator.

In 2008, Luka Modric became a Tottenham player with 22 years and being one of the greatest promises of European football. The boy who fell in love with all those who came to the capital of Croatia to see him, he grew older and made the leap to the great professional football, the Premier League

Mamic wanted to tell a curious story about that negotiation. “We already had everything agreed for Luka to be transferred to Tottenham. I asked Levy for five Tottenham shirts, and he told me he would give them to me, but then Tottenham would pay less for the transfer, since of the 21 million euros that they paid us we had to subtract the value of the shirts, “explained the former Croatian director.

Luka Modric, with the selection of Croatia. Photo:

This is nothing more than clear evidence of the character of Levy, from whom Mamic wanted to highlight his ability to negotiate, leaving the headline of the day. “He is the best negotiator in the world. This story taught me that he gives importance to every euro his club spends,” Zdravko Mamic wanted to explain, surprised by the British's ability.

Levy and Madrid

Real Madrid has already had problems with Daniel Levy, who put several obstacles to the signings of Luka Modric (2012) and Gareth Bale (2013) when both were stars of the London ensemble. In more recent cases, Harry kane Y Eriksen they have been on the agenda of the white team, but the possibilities have been reduced as the market progressed. The chances of having the first one dissipated with the arrival of Jovic.

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