James Rodriguez already trains on the grass

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Daniela Ospina, sister of David Ospinagoalkeeper Naples and former couple of James Rodriguez, has responded to the accusations against the player. The Colombian has been the center of attention since his return to Madrid and not stop raining criticism, this time from his own country.

The player, who is still injured, was recriminated a few days ago by Hector Fabio Cruz, who was the medical director of the Colombian Football Federation and of Cali America. “ANDThis boy is bad in the head, he is not preparing. A player who spends months off the court, from party to party, how does he get there? Well, in the first cycle he will stay, “said the physical trainer after James's recent injury.

Therefore, Daniela Ospina has wanted to be blunt and deny the rumors that the Colombian is a careless person, who does not prepare: “How much I know of James, if there is something that can be highlighted is his discipline and his behavior to prepare himself, I don't have to defend him, but it's the truth. James is a person who demands himself to the fullest and sometimes, if there is something in which he has sinned, it is that he exceeds his work, “said the woman in a VBar Snail, a Colombian television.

James Rodriguez already trains on the grass

“Before we speak we must put ourselves in the shoes of others (…) If he goes to the party, if he is going to make his eyebrows, it is his problem, it is his personal life and it has nothing to do with one another, so on his vacations he has fun and has a good time, “he explains.

Not only that, James's ex stated in an interview prior to the America Cup that the Colombian was preparing to return: “James sacrificed his last vacation to be fit. He worked with a specialized group that he has, unlike the coaches of soccer teams, just to get well.”

She also declared the perplexity she had when she met her return to Real Madrid, something she didn't think would happen: “Life is giving James a second chance and I hope he can take advantage of it. I didn't expect the end outside this one, but life goes around a lot “

So much so that Daniela declared that she wanted the Colombian to sign for the Barça since it is a club that fits your game. “I would like to see James in Barcelona. He plays with the ball at his feet, and that is the game of Barcelona, ​​because they always have the ball at their feet,” he said.

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