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Christian Karembeu, former player of Real Madrid, he won world from 1998 with Zinedine Zidane. Understand that he asked “Pogba to make a difference.” Learn about the intrahistory of French football and the Zizou style. Karembeu He stopped running and is now an entrepreneurial type. In Lisbon It is at the forefront of the sports industry.

Question: How do you see this start of the LaLiga season?

Answer: “I think now The league It is more competitive than ever and that is seen at the beginning of the championship. In this beginning the two greats, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have started with many injured. Messi Y Luis Suarez in Barcelona, Eden Hazard in Madrid For me, LaLiga has not started. Atlético de Madrid is also very good, as is the Valencia and the Seville. Now there is a very, very competitive League, and hopefully Madrid can return to the 'top' of the classification. “

Q: You talk about injuries. Do you think that the preseason is not efficient or is it simply a consequence of the change of method in physical preparation?

A: “I think this period is very difficult because the calendar has changed a lot. The preseason, also the qualifications for the world Cup and before that the rankings for the 2020 Euro Cup. That is, there are many games and more injuries are seen. Therefore, players have to take much more care and face the calendars with discretion. “

Fernando Sanz with Karembeu and Morientes. Photo: Twitter (@ fernandosanzd19)

Q: Two proper names have been the characters of the summer. Two theoretical signings that have not come later. The first Pogba. Zidane was betting heavily on him; a physical and powerful medium ….

A: “It's part of the game, it's part of the market and it's like that. When there is a demand and an offer or you make it or not. That's our market … So Zizou wanted it and has to wait. Now he has to work with the players you have in your squad, who are very high quality players. Let's see, little by little with the automatisms and with the new ones it will form a great team. “

Q: Do you understand that Zidane had so much interest in Paul Pogba?

A: “Yes, I understand, it is normal. If he thinks so, it is because he needed to reinforce the medium and make a difference. Now there are players who are over 30 years old and it is normal to reinforce the midfield and he has thought so.”

Q: Neymar finally did not return to Barcelona. You, who knows French football, have you been surprised?

A: “I am not surprised at all. I am not surprised at anything because I think the sheikh of PSG (Nasser Al-Khelaifi) He has also demonstrated his power, knowing that he has a club and a player. If he has bought Neymar from Barcelona for more than 200 million it is normal that the sale has to be for more money because he is a genius.

For me Neymar is an incredible player and we can't 'kill him' because he has everything: the ease to haggle and surprise the opponent. He is a great player and you have to respect him, but you also have to respect the market, if the operation is not done … it is not done.

We have to take care of the player for his quality and the people who are with him, his environment, also have to take care of him so that he is always a great soccer player. “

Caledonio Karembeu during the 1998 World Cup, held in France.

Caledonio Karembeu during the 1998 World Cup, held in France.


P: Another compatriot of yours, Karim Benzema, is full of more goals than ever. Do you see it with good numbers this season?

R: “Karim He has broken his record, his personal record. He has scored many goals with Real Madrid, with the white shirt. I hope you can always highlight your game. We know he is one of the best attackers in the world. He is doing his job and I hope he can continue to score more goals with Real Madrid and win mostly more titles. I think Real Madrid needs to win LaLiga. “

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