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Real Madrid “regrets” the death of Danilo, son of former soccer player and former captain of the Brazilian soccer team Cafu, after suffering from a cardiac arrest while playing a football game at his family home in Barueri, Sao Paulo.

Through an official statement on your Twitter account, the Real Madrid he lamented “the death of Danilo, son of Brazilian football legend Cafu.” The club adds that “he wants to convey his condolences to Cafu and his whole family and joins his pain in these difficult times.”

As reported Sao Paulo FolhaDanilo, 30, played a football game with friends and family when he felt bad, despite being transferred to the Albert Einstein hospital, Cafu's son failed to overcome the attack and died.

The firstborn of the former soccer player was on his sister's birthday when the tragic event happened. It is pointed out that the young man suffered two heart attacks, but four years before he had suffered another cardiac episode.

[More information: Cafú's son dies at 29: he suffered two heart attacks, one of them while playing football]



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