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The First Iberdrola has started and with it the premiere of the CD Heel in the highest category of women's football. The staff is prepared to give the best of them in this competition and to demonstrate that they are ready to assume this responsibility and demand. However, the novelties that have been presented in recent months have revolutionized the club.

He Real Madrid He announced his intention to form a women's team and subsequently, they gave the news that the CD Heel would be absorbed to, from next season, be Real Madrid Women's. Excellent news that revolutionized the current football landscape and that meant fulfilling a dream for many players.

For the goalkeeper of the Madrid team, Sara Ezquerro, this decision allowed him to realize the dream he has been pursuing since he was little: to dress the colors of Real Madrid. However, not everything has been a path of roses for the footballer. The young goalkeeper was born in Madrid on April 5, 1999 (20 years) and began his career in this sport in 2014, specifically in the Atlético de Madrid C.

After two seasons in this category of the mattress subsidiary, he joined his team B, in which he played during a campaign. His red and white stage ended after a great controversy erupted around his feelings towards Real Madrid. Maria Calvo, ex-companion of Sara in the Atleti, published a committed photograph in which both appeared in the surroundings of the Santiago Bernabeu dressed in the colors of the white team and celebrating the Eleventh, next to the following message: “Kings of Europe”.

The Madrid entity was proclaimed champion of the Champions League after winning the final against Atlético de Madrid. This image caused that the next season they did not renew the contract to him and he was without equipment. “Thank you for these years, I assume the decision of the club. I hope that the time puts each one in his place, we will meet again,” the player announced after the decision of the club.

Sara Ezquerro Photo: Twitter (@saritaezquerro)

Farewell letter to Atlético de Madrid

Subsequently, Sara Ezquerro published an open farewell letter in Twitter and he apologized to the rojiblanco club: “From a very young age I have been a follower of Real Madrid, despite my father, who is athletic at heart, and this has led me to celebrate his successes in the same way that I have celebrated those of Atlético de Madrid”.

“It was never my intention to offend Atlético de Madrid or its fans and supporters. That is why I am sorry. And from here I ask my sincerest apologies to all the athletes who have been offended by the photo, especially at a time of great sadness and disappointment after the Milan final, “he concluded.

Despite this apology, the goalkeeper received insults and threats having the worst drink of his life. However, the opportunity came from the CD Heel. The Madrid fichó for the 2016/2017 season and since then, has achieved great successes in Second division.

The CD Heel. Photo: Twitter (@saritaezquerro)

The CD Heel. Photo: Twitter (@saritaezquerro)

Sara has won three consecutive Leagues in this category and has played two promotion playoffs. The latter has given the pass to the Iberdrola League that they currently play. However, the stellar news came with the absorption of the CD Heel by Real Madrid and its subsequent renewal with the club. The goalkeeper has been able to fulfill a dream she has been pursuing since childhood.

Although it has been Yohana Gómez Camino the one chosen for the team's debut in the First Iberdrola before him BarcelonaThere is no doubt that you will have the opportunity to show that you are up to a project that will officially begin in July 2020.

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