Sergio Ramos, during the Real Madrid warm-up at the Santiago Bernabéu

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Around with the renewal of Sergio Ramos. The white captain's contract, which ends in June 2021, is one of the hot topics in the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu since the camero put on the table a millionaire offer from China at the end of last season. That was for many a player's strategy to press for renewal, although he denied it and claimed it was a matter of love.

Ramos wants to retire at Real Madrid and the club wants it to be so. The central of Beds He is not only one of the most symbolic players of the last three decades in Madrid, but of all his history. His numerous conquered titles and mythical goals such as The Tenth they put him in the Olympus of the merengue legend. That is why it is difficult to imagine that in two years player and club separate their paths.

The doubt arises again after Ramos joked this Tuesday saying that he has signed more seasons “with Amazon than with Madrid”, in relation to the documentary he presented at an appointment attended by some of his teammates and President Florentino Pérez. A simple joke or a dart to the club? Later he clarified that it is not seen “in another team that is not Real Madrid”.

Ramos: three renovations in 14 years

Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid are condemned to sit down to negotiate sooner or later, although for the club it has not been an urgent issue at the moment. Ramos signed the summer of 2005 and signed a contract that linked him for eight seasons with the Madrid entity. This week he has turned 14 as a merengue player and in that time he has signed three renovations, the last one in 2017 and which extended his contract for one season, until 2021.

Sergio Ramos, during the Real Madrid warm-up at the Santiago Bernabéu


Ramos is among the highest paid staff, only surpassed by Gareth Bale Y Eden Hazard. Madrid has not been in a hurry so far. Its renewal policy is based on facing them before entering the last year of the contract. Therefore, these next twelve months will be crucial for Madrid and Ramos to reach an agreement. At most, the camero would not be free to negotiate with other clubs until January 2020 but by then there is plenty of time.

A white withdrawal

For Madrid, the renewal of Ramos is not an emergency. He has the whole season to talk to the captain and his representative and brother René Ramos. With both parties predisposed to their bond ending when the player hangs up the boots, it is understood that it would not be difficult to reach an agreement. Sergio asked last summer for a gesture to feel reciprocated and would end up appearing at a press conference to express that he would play in Madrid “even for free”. Now he hopes that the talks will open again before the end of the season.

The alarms have not jumped in Madrid with Ramos. The priority now is for the Zidane project to start after the doubts left by the last two games before Valladolid Y Villarreal. The club is focused on sports after a record summer in terms of spending on signings and the team is looking forward to revenge after the bad results of last year. Ramos declared last Sunday that he wants to raise another Champions League, his renovation is currently in the background.

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