Varana jumps to head a ball

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Raphael Varane He has granted an interview to his country's agency AFP in which he has thoroughly reviewed his feelings about last season. The central Frenchman is sincere and stresses that “the downturn of the team was inevitable during the last course. He also talks about what he expects in the face of the match against him. PSG of this Wednesday.

“It was inevitable. The physical and mental effort that the previous seasons involved with so many games, with such intensity and pressure,” he says about the situation of the team last year. Blame the bad results of the team.

The visit to the PSG

“We expect a motivated, complete PSG with great players. They are a compact block with a lot of quality in all the lines of the field despite the absences they may have. We are clear that they will force us to make a complete match to win, “he said of the visit to Princes Park.

Varana jumps to head a ball


He also praised the figure of his technician: “Zidane is exceptional. It gathers the necessary conditions to direct a wardrobe.” And finally he explained why he decided to stay at Real Madrid: “Stay in Madrid. In this club, you must have very high expectations,” he concluded.

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