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It is not always easy to be different from the rest. And that may be the prologue of the history of Karim Benzema. A different player who came to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 being practically a child, since he landed in the white house with 21 years. Beside Cristiano Ronaldo Y Kaka The second galactic era of the club began. Of them, only the French continues in the club.

Since his arrival he has carried numerous criticisms, they have even said of him that he was not a forward for Real Madrid. However, Benzema has always followed his own, playing for the team, being the best partner of his teammates and also scoring many goals. Some have discovered him in the last year, but the '9' has been one of the best since he emerged as a teenager in the Lyon Olympique.

It was from Karim that he talked about Tuchel at a press conference to make it clear that he is one of the best in the world: “If he has been in Madrid for 25 years. We have seen him against the Levant and it is scary. Benzema is one of the most underrated players in the world. It is high class, very difficult to defend because it does not play only nine, it goes by the side, everywhere. It has many qualities and makes centers, goes well head … What else can I say! “.

Criticisms since his arrival at Real Madrid

The forward has had to hear how he was told that he did not have the qualities to be the '9' holder of the merengue team. This has had to drag for almost the entire decade that has been part of the Madrid ranks. Wind sound in the Santiago Bernabeu and also darts that have reached him, more habitual than he should and would like, on the part of several sectors of the press.

Top scorers in the history of Madrid

Since Cristiano Ronaldo left, it has been the Frenchman who has pulled the car in attack and, especially, in the most scoring aspect. The footballer is already among the top filmmakers in the history of the white club. And add and follow. So far from 2019/2020, he averages one goal per game, since he has seen the door four times in the four games that have played Zidane.

Benzema celebrates a goal against Levante.


In the list of best gunners in La Liga

In the last game of the white team last weekend in the domestic championship, Karim Benzema scored two of the three goals that Madrid made against the I raised. With these he accumulates 152 in what refers to La Liga, a record that places him in historical position 19 of the Spanish tournament, tied with Julio Salinas.

Quality they have tried to discredit

From the press contrary to the club of Concha Espina, to which it is considered akin, Benzema has suffered attacks from all sides. It is precisely that long list of compliments he has received for about twelve months that highlights how undervalued he has been so far.

Benzema, in the Vigo match

Benzema, in the Vigo match


Less media profile

Maybe not 'giving what to talk' to the media has made him have that lower profile. However, if you look back at statements that French has been making, he has always spoken loud and clear, although he has always done it even higher on the pitch, where he moves like a fish in the water.

(More information – Tuchel: “Benzema is one of the most underrated players in the world”)



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