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It is an atypical season for Gareth Bale. His departure last summer seemed a fact. Neither Zinedine Zidane nor did the club expect Welsh to remain on the roster on September 2, when the market closed, but it ended up happening like this. He Real Madrid He did not find a way out for the value of the Welsh footballer and ended up staying with him, when no one bet on it.

From the exit ramp to ownership. Because Zidane was clear from minute 1 that if he stayed with Bale, with whom there was never a special feeling, it was to take advantage of all his qualities. Start again. He has played seven games, scored two goals and distributed two assists. It is also among the eight players who have played more minutes this white season (597 ').

But with Bale it is difficult for the thing to be calm and the rumors have soon returned. That if he is not happy, that if he wants to leave, that if he is disappointed with Zidane … Bale is not one of those who likes to stoke the controversy. Talk when you have to talk. He did so in the last call with Welsh: “I'm sure there will be many more turbulences, if I'm honest,” he predicted without fear of failure. In that same interview he acknowledged that he did not play happily for everything that happened in the summer.

James Rodríguez enters Gareth Bale's replacement against Granada


It hurts. “I do not play happily in my situation, of course. But I am a professional and I have dedicated myself to train well to be prepared when I played,” he said in early September for his situation. He has not allowed that to affect him and he has been seen in the field with more aggressiveness and desire than ever. It took two minutes against Granada to cross a pass with the outside throughout the area so that Benzema He will finish off pleasure and thus advance to Madrid. When the Welshman was replaced in 83 'timid applause was heard.

With each passing match, the fans of Madrid are reconciled with Bale. The player does not need affectionate gestures, or anything like that. People ask for goals or generate them and that is enough. He, without a grimace, has transformed all the rumors that surrounded him in summer and the criticisms he has received in his greatest motivation. What hurts most are those darts that have to do with things little (or nothing) related to football, such as his passion for golf.

Zidane – Bale

The other focus, beyond Bale's attitude on the field, is on his relationship with Zidane. In the previous stage of the French coach on the white bench things did not end well between them and it was not much better with the return of the coach last year. Bale's relationship with Zidane and Madrid was touched after summer, but as long as he plays and continues at his level, the situation will only be redirected.

That Bale did not enter the call against the Bruges raised some suspicions, but the version of Zidane is that both he and James had some kind of problem and did not want to risk them. Before Granada, the replacement of Cardiff Express was also due to some kind of inconvenience.



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