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Carlos Henrique Casemiro, midfielder of Real MadridHe considered that he is living the best moment of his career and was satisfied with the opportunities that the technician is giving him Zinedine Zidane.

“I play the minutes the coach asks. I think I am at the best moment of my career. I am enjoying football and the work we are doing a lot. The coach and the technical staff will know the exact moment of having minutes, of having a rest. The minutes I play I try to do my best and enjoy football a lot, “he said after the 5-0 win against Leganés.

In that clash he was not present Gareth Bale: “The minister said yesterday that he had permission from the club and that is already the people who can do what he wants, ask permission. We know that Bale is very important to us. If we talk about Bale it is the quality it has. When we Touch play, I'm sure you will do very well as you were before you stopped playing. “

“What people do outside the field doesn't matter to me. If Bale keeps solving things inside the field like before he stopped playing, he was being one of our best players, I don't care what he does outside” , he also noted.

Brazilian duel between Rodrygo and Vinicius

Another proper name was that of the Brazilian Rodrygo, author of the first of the goals: “He is young and we have to start there. He is eighteen and we do not have to put so much pressure on the kid. It shows that he has quality and the 'fight' between Vinicius and Rodrygo is important for the Real Madrid”.

“That's football and that's Real Madrid, you have to always be fighting for the position. Here are the best. Vinicius was one of our best players last year, Rodrygo is doing very well this year. He's football.” he pointed out.

Rodrygo Goes celebrates his goal against Leganés


Casemiro did not want to miss Vinicius: “It would be unfair to say that it has gone from one hundred to zero. Last year for me, next to Benzema he was our best player. But he is 19 years old and you have to have peace of mind with him as with Rodrygo, you can not put so much pressure on them . We have to go with peace of mind. “

“They are kids, they cannot carry that star player position. Surely in four or five years they will be at their best. They are great players, they have shown in the club that they are important and the minutes they have to play have to do the best possible, “he said.

The Valverde explosion

As to Fede Valverde, he said: “I said in an interview that in two years it would be one of the best 'eights' in the world but I think it has come forward. It's playing great and that's good for us, good for Real Madrid. It's another player over a lot of quality. You have to enjoy by his side because he is a great player. He has to keep working hard. “

Fede Valverde talks with a partner during the match

Fede Valverde talks with a partner during the match


On the other hand he valued the triumph: “The result for us is very important. The first twenty minutes may have been the best first twenty minutes of the season. We have done what we have worked throughout the week, we have fitted what the master asked us “.

“We are very happy for the goals of the players but perhaps Jovic is the most important because he is a guy who was working a lot, that in training he gives everything. He wanted that goal and you have to congratulate him and all the team, because today we have not given room to Leganés, “he added. EFE

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