Eriksen, with Tottenham

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Christian Eriksen is a shot from Real Madrid Looking to the winter market. As EL BERNABÉU advanced, the Danish player has become a real option for January, motivated mainly by the intention of the Tottenham to find him destiny and thus prevent him from leaving for free from June. In the white club they see with good eyes his signing, which could be around 30 million euros.

Eriksen is one of those options that do not like to miss in Real Madrid. For its quality, verified after five and a half seasons as in the Spurs, and for its price, drastically reduced by the end of its contract in just five months. A signing in the style of those of Thibaut Courtois Y Eden Hazard. In summer, his arrival was put on the table for a somewhat higher price, but Zidane rejected it.

Precisely, the name of Zinedine Zidane It is key in this whole network. The French coach said 'no' to Eriksen in summer. He was not the player style he was looking for for his center of the field and he joined in the hiring of Paul Pogba, who finally did not arrive. That of United remains the main objective of the French coach, but in the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu still seeing very difficult that since Manchester Now it does yield and the march of its star is allowed.

Eriksen, with Tottenham


With Pogba, initially, offstage in the winter market, Eriksen wins integers. In Real Madrid they believe that it is necessary to strengthen the team mid-season, although Zidane has never been a supporter of this type of movement. Until now he has always been reluctant to sign new players in the January window, as it was seen during the two full seasons that led the team in the winters of 2017 and 2018.

The 'Kepa case' in 2018

The clearest case that comes to mind is that of Kepa Arrizabalaga. The Basque goalkeeper, then of Athletic, I had it done with Real Madrid. It was a bargain of only 20 million euros of clause and in the club they saw him as the ideal relay for a Keylor Navas that he would end up giving up his post in favor of Courtois a season later. Zidane refused and threw down the operation. He had blind faith in the attic porter and his staff. I didn't want a mid-season goalkeeper (or anyone else in another position) to not destabilize the locker room's habitat. If he had to die, he would do it with his own.

The center of the field must be reinforced

This season, however, the circumstances are different. Madrid needs to strengthen its midfield. He tried in every way possible in summer for Pogba and fulfill the wishes of his coach, to the point of rejecting Eriksen and Van de Beek, but it could not be. There was a hole in a spinal cord that, as we have seen, can end up falling short at certain times of the season.

Casemiro Y Kroos they are at the limit, Modric each time he plays less and Fede Valverde It is the only real alternative. Isco Y James they act more than midfielders than midfielders themselves. Eriksen is seen as a substitute for guarantees for Luka and someone who can bring new sap to the core.

That is why Zidane's approval is easier in this case than in January 2018 with Kepa. Eriksen does not press, since he would prefer to come for free in summer and thus take a premium for his signing. Even so, Madrid can find an urgent solution to complete its workforce (it would take some way out because of a chip issue) and with complicated Pogba and Van de Beek which has already said that it will not come in winter, all the lights point to the Danish of Tottenham.

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