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The hangover of the postponement of The classic, after the resolution of the case by the Competition Committee, keep going. During this Friday there are many coaches of First division who have given their particular vision on the subject, as well as from their own Acting Government.

In The Game of the COPE chain have debated on the subject again and Tomás Guasch, who knows well the situation he is going through in BarcelonaHe has assured that it is best not to be played on October 26 since the atmosphere is very hot and nobody can ensure the safety of club workers, soccer players and fans.

Postponement of El Clasico

“It seems to me that it is not too much to suspend the game. There is a demonstration called for on the 26th and it seems to me reckless that it could be disputed. I who live here, I see it that way. You can be very calm in the next days but on Saturday there is another demonstration. “

Altercados in Barcelona

“The problem is that if there is a mess, no one can stop that. It would be foolhardy to dispute it.”

In images: the violent steal the prominence of protesters setting Barcelona on fire again

Victoria Fernandez

LaLiga's wish

“LaLiga wanted it to be played on a Saturday and at 1 noon, but it's going to go wrong because it's going to be played on a Wednesday and with the Copa del Rey. I think the business is good, but …”

Alteration of the competition

“The competition is adulterated by Real Madrid tying with Valladolid at home or Barcelona beating. That is to adulterate the competition and not permute the stadiums.”

(More information – Guardiola, on Catalonia: “I defend human rights in Alsasua, in Madrid or wherever”)



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