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Every great sports project needs a big star like banner and the Real Madrid It was not going to be an exception. Eden Hazard It is the piece on which the white team of the present and the future is based. The Belgian is beginning to find himself after a complicated adaptation process, with the aim of offering his best version in Concha Espina.

This summer Real Madrid launched a revolution in the squad with a view to renewing the team and competing again for all the titles from the front line of world football. A project that began with Hazard's star signing as the first galactic of the new era.

Hazard's arrival in Real Madrid was part of the club's road map to create a new generation of top-level players with which to inspire the Madrid parish. The Belgian arrived at Santiago Bernabéu after becoming the best player in the Premier League and aroused a superlative expectation in the capital.

Eden Hazard celebrates his goal for Granada


After several months of becoming his new life in Madrid and his new team in Valdebebas, Hazard has begun to gain the confidence that every player needs to succeed. And is that against him Pomegranate the Belgian managed to see goal and score his first goal with the merengue shirt in official match.

The pressure of Real Madrid

The former of Chelsea He had been trying to score goals for several weeks and catch the pace of competition after the injury that separated him from the team at the beginning of the season. Zidane did not doubt that the player would succeed in Santiago Bernabéu sooner or later, he even came to compare his situation with the one he lived when he signed for Real Madrid at the beginning of the century.

“The same thing happened to me as Hazard did. I was very calm, just like him. I knew I was going to succeed here. It was worse when I arrived in Italy because it took me three months to adapt. You have to support and accompany him,” he said. coach in the previous match against Witches.

Hazard himself came to recognize that the pressure of the people was there. He knew that his new fans wanted him to score a good sack of goals in each game, although the player asked for patience to shine. “The first goal is always difficult to achieve, then you throw with more confidence,” the Belgian snapped after getting his long-awaited.

Eden Hazard celebrates his goal for Granada

Eden Hazard celebrates his goal for Granada


Towards success

Now, with his first goal under his arm, Hazard has the confidence to be looser on the pitch and play without much pressure. Something that makes it possible to see its most unbalanced and decisive version. The one that fell in love with Chelsea fans in England.

Real Madrid needs Hazard to reach his best level as soon as possible, as the decisive part of the season is gradually approaching, in which titles and championships begin to be decided.

Eden Hazard protects the ball from Carlos Neva

Eden Hazard protects the ball from Carlos Neva


He Classic October 26 will be one of the dates marked in red in the merengue calendar. The Belgian has to take a competitive pace these weeks to reach the Camp Nou in optimal conditions, since it is a key match in order to return La Liga to the showcases of the Santiago Bernabéu.

His figure is key in Zidane's schemes, since it is the offensive piece that he must connect with Benzema from the left flank to baste the attack game. A condition that will free Bale and offer him the necessary spaces to shine in the lead.

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