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Sergio Ramos has left open the possibility of going to Olympic Games that are celebrated in Tokyo the next summer. 2020 is the year of Eurocupbut the captain of the Selection do not rule out being present with Spain in the great sporting event that is celebrated every four years.

Many have begun to say that it could even be the flag bearer of the Spanish expedition, while others see it as an insult to athletes who have already made history in the Olympic Games as Saul Craviotto. On the option of going to central Tokyo has spoken the 'Wolf' Carrasco.

Sergio Ramos, with the National Team. Photo Twitter (@SergioRamos)

In The beach bar, the former soccer player of Barcelona He has thought that Sergio Ramos is “too soccer player, too big” to go to the Olympic Games, since he would be surrounded by U21 or U23. The 'Wolf' would not summon him to go to Tokyo.

Ramos and the Olympics

“Do not you think that Sergio Ramos is too much of a player to play in a National Team with the U21 and even U23? I see Sergio Ramos and I'm 21 years old … I think you should have empathy with those people who have been playing the game for four years. life to be in the Olympic Games. I wouldn't summon him. “

Is very large

“It seems too soccer player, too big, to go to the Olympic Games.”

(More information – Sergio Ramos: “Going to the Olympic Games is a very nice idea”)



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