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Day 10 is a good date to pass the first exam of the season. The teams have already settled in The league, even the first dismissals of coaches arrive, and they have shown what can be expected from each one for the rest of the year. In the case of Real Madrid, although he lives in a permanent examination match after match for his reputation, he arrives at this weekend without meeting for the cancellation of The classic.

It is striking because just a year ago there was also a dispute Barça – Real Madrid that would sentence Julen Lopetegui. A 5-1 that left Madrid in ninth position and that invites retrospect to the last five seasons. Those of Zinedine Zidane they live a more even season than the previous ones and that can be glimpsed by the number of points the teams arrive at this weekend and because from the first to the seventh there is a distance of three points.

Substantial improvement

A year ago that Classic left the team of Conch Thorn With 14 points and no coach. A season with high expectations after Madrid won the fourth Champions League in five years. With the Santiago Bernabeu accustomed to taking at least one title at the end of each season, Julen Lopetegui arrived after his departure from the Selection before starting the World Cup in Russia.

Benzema, Varane and Casemiro lament after a Barça goal


The season did not start well after falling into the European Super Cup and, despite the fact that the first five days of the undefeated League and with an exhibition in Rome, things would start to twist after fitting 3-0 in Seville. Julen left the squad on day 10 with the same number of victories, four, that of defeats and the same number of goals in favor, 14, that against.

Zidane adds at this point 18 points, four more than just a year ago with one less game, has scored two more goals, 16, and, above all, has conceded five less, 9. If this Saturday the Classic had been played, there would be arrived with fewer goals conceded than Barça, something that did not happen at this point in the season since 2016.

The Christian era

The reality of Real Madrid after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo It has cost him to find the goal. It was evident that with the departure of one of the best strikers in history it was going to affect the scoring smell, so if you look at the last five years, this second stage of Zidane is losing.

In 2017/2018 the whites had two more points, remembering once again that this season has been one less game. He had also lost one game more than this year, two, specifically for the match he played at this time, a defeat in Girona by 2-1. But as for the numbers of goals there is not much difference. The team had scored three more goals and conceded them. A campaign that would end with the 13th Champions in the showcases of the Santiago Bernabéu.

The defeat of Real Madrid in Girona in 2017

The defeat of Real Madrid in Girona in 2017


If we go to 2016-2017, Real Madrid was the leader in day 10 with 24 points. I still didn't know defeat and the scoring reality was very different. With six wins and three draws, on that day he would score four goals in Vitoria at Alaves to add 28 in total. Of course, for the criticisms towards the defensive line this season this will surprise: he had conceded one more goal.

With the same points he reached the same day in 2015-2016 and four goals less to his credit. The big difference was in the defensive security that the team transmitted Rafa Benitez at that time: he had only conceded four goals.

Taking into account how the Spanish coach's stage ended, these records must be taken with tweezers. Passing the first exam of the course does not make you pass the whole season, especially with the difficulties that teams have to keep balanced all year. Even so, these data show that Zinedine Zidane has approved this first leg of the season.

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