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The change in the signing strategy of Real Madrid It has marked a trend and begins to bear fruit. During this last stop of selections many Madrid representatives have been seen that did not exceed 23 or 21 years. It is common to see these young people break the roof of the absolute by the great quality they have.

But it is also confirmed by looking at the calls for the main youth awards. This Tuesday was published the list of 20 candidates for the Golden Boy with the Real Madrid as the club with more representatives with three. Since the Vinicius Y Rodrygo until Lunin, there is an eleven with many possibilities to ensure the future of the white team.

The 11 of the Real Madrid U21 players

Future signings

There are two ways to ensure successes keep coming. One is taking care of the quarry and the other is signing the best young people. This season Madrid made four signings with the prospect of finishing exploding in the white club.

Eder Militao arrived at Santiago Bernabeu with the aim of emulating the great career of Pepe. Reaching the same level as the Portuguese central would mean catching up with the best centrals in the world, so the challenge is not small. He knows that he has everything to achieve it, from that speed that the merengue fans are knowing as a good touch of the ball when starting the game.

But if there is a signing that has excited in preseason it was the one of Takefusa Kubo. The Japanese wants to step forward in his career in Majorca and show Madrid that next season they can count on him for the first team. Slowly but without haste, the Asian has a quality in his legs that show that his future is to succeed in the white shirt.

Rodrygo Goes at its premiere with the first template

Rodrygo Goes at its premiere with the first template

In a match Rodrygo He demonstrated the pact he has with the gods of the goal. In its official party premiere with Real Madrid he needed a couple of minutes to show his nose for goal and, within his growing season in the Castile, he will leave more goals with the first team.

And the 60 million Luka Jovic They have more than one, more than two and more than three reasons to understand them. Apart from the goals he made last season, he is a forward with a lot of football in his head. Although I arrive with less sign than Benzema in 2009, patience with the Serbian It will become leadership as has happened with the French.

A step forward

The Real Madrid transfer policy is serving to make these young promises stand out in their clubs. And, without a doubt, the one that best fits this sentence is Martin Odegaard. Norwegian has retracted critics They said he had no level to stop HollandHe has made them eat his words and now they praise him for being the best of Real society this season.

The one who is putting Zidane in a break with the center of the field is Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan, who already surprised the French at the end of last season, has been put to work to earn a starting position. Your minutes with Real Madrid They only make improve the opinions about the South American. And his role in this season is presumed fundamental to maintain the level in all competitions.

Martin Odegaard in a match with Real Sociedad

Martin Odegaard in a match with Real Sociedad

And going back to the assignment policy you can't stop talking about Achraf Hakimi. The Moroccan went to do the 'mili' two seasons to Germany and seeks to emulate the success that formula had with Carvajal. In this second campaign with the Borussia it's getting even more essential and is highlighting in the competition for which he was born to play in Madrid: in Champions.

But there are two players that are expected to step forward this season. If the first season of Vinicius deluded Real Madrid, the second is expected to be that of his consecration. The Brazilian, already confirmed in the first team, will enjoy the opportunities to continue growing.

And the middle name is that of Andriy Lunin. From Concha Espina it is expected that the Valladolid help him establish himself in the elite with a season playing against strikers of First division.

The Factory does not stop

If Achraf was already quoted, there are two players in the Castile that would help shape the defense of this eleven. The first one is Adrián de la Fuente. The center already traveled this season with the team to the preseason. Its versatility as a left lateral also reminds another squad as Nacho and equal performance is desired.

Adrián de la Fuente in a match with Castilla

Adrián de la Fuente in a match with Castilla

On the left side of that eleven, the figure of Fran Garcia. That of Bolaños de Calatrava is counting on this season with the confidence of Raul Gonzalez and it rang to rise to the first squad before the plague of casualties on the left side of the rear.

These eleven players are the great illusion to trust that there is a future beyond the Sergio Ramos, Modric, Benzema Y Courtois. These players are the confirmation that things are being done well from the Real Madrid sports direction.

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