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Neymar He was one of the great protagonists of the past transfer window. His future was linked to Real Madrid and at Barcelona throughout the summer, but the end ended up staying in the PSG. Although the fans did not hesitate to point the exit door after all the rumors and winks of the player's environment to a future far from Paris, the footballer himself promised loyalty to the French club.

I am a professional and I will do my best for this team. He will try to help win, especially the Champions League, “said a Neymar who also sent another message to Paris Saint-Germain fans:” But I stayed, I will do my best and love will return. “

But nevertheless, Rivaldo He continues betting on his exit so he can become the number one in the world. The former soccer player Sports of La Coruña He played a game of legends and after him talked about the 'Neymar soap opera'. “I believe in him a lot, but I also think he has to leave the PSG. It's a great club, but not for the Neymar level,” he said in statements collected by Sky sports.

“I think that on a world stage, everyone talks only about Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and other great clubs in England, some in Germany. He has to go to a club that has more history in the Champions League,” said the former soccer player . “He has to be like Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho left there -PSG- to come to Barcelona to be the best player in the world,” Rivaldo added.

Real Madrid option

“Of course, if you win the Champions League and can be a world champion, it will be much easier to become the best player in the world,” said the former Brazilian player, who in turn pointed to the Real Madrid As a future option for Neymar: “If a club like Real Madrid is interested, I'm sure he would go there. Of course, the Barcelona fans would be very upset with that, but he is a professional.”

“He still has time, he is 27 years old, many things ahead. He almost left this year and I think he will go in the next transfer window. And he will be the best player in the world,” Rivaldo concluded.

(More information – Neymar: “I will do my best for the PSG and love will return”)



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