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Roberto Carlos He has been one of the most emblematic players in the history of Real Madrid. The player spent very special years at Concha Espina and wanted to analyze his entire stage in the white team during an interview granted to Channel 11 of Portugal.

Ronaldo Nazario

“I met him in the year 93. Since that year I always concentrated with Ronaldo in the same room. I slept more times with Ronaldo than with my wife”


“He was like a friend. You didn't need rules. The player knows what he has to do. He understood us perfectly. The Monday and Tuesday workouts were in the morning, but he put them on in the afternoon because almost nobody came.”


“At the time of the galactic we were seven … it was a danger in the locker room. We always controlled it well, we had a good relationship, except with Camacho who endured ten days. He came to the locker room, greeted everyone, very serious and with history at Real Madrid. I just watched to see what he was going to say. He said: “I want everyone tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning.” Normally we trained at 10:30. We talked to him to try to change the schedule, we had our customs. “


“The same thing happened with Camacho. In the second league game, we had the habit of arriving at the concentration, leaving our bags in the room and before dinner we had our beer and our wine. There were always two bottles on the table. of wine. Ronaldo and I told him: “Professor, the people here have their customs, you will see it, but try not to change them. Do not remove the bottles of wine from the table and beer before dinner because if we are not going to have problems. What did he do? He removed the beers first and then the wine bottles. It lasted three months. The world of football is small, the news is coming to the board and 'ciao' “.


“I think today: how is it possible that we did so much nonsense? Each game ended and it was all private plane. We were in the private terminal of Barajas. It was Beckham who was going I don't know where, Figo, Zidane was going to such a place, Ronaldo, I … and we had to train the day after tomorrow. I prayed that the matches were on Saturdays to be able to go to Formula One on Sundays. They were private flights everywhere. Madness. “

Arrival to Madrid

“Lorenzo Sanz hired me. It was terrible. There was no money to pay the players. Florentino arrived and organized the club. He paid everything that was late and hired the Galacticos.”

Cristiano and Messi

“There are two references like Eusebio, Maradona or Zidane. I have an enormous affection for Cristiano. Nobody wanted me to leave Madrid. I thought he was crazy when he said he was leaving. He was everything in Madrid, he won everything.”

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